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Grants Management Process - Pre-Award

Effective September 1, 2014

At Triton College, fundraising and grants development is a community-wide and collaborative endeavor. Administration, Faculty, Students and Staff are encouraged to participate in supporting the College’s mission and vision for the future. This conveys a universal and cohesive message of institutional pride and growth. However, the Grants Development Office will be the gate keeper and centralized area for which all grant applications and proposals will be endorsed for submission prior to final approval. This Policies and Procedures document is a guide for all grants-related activities to achieve success across the campus.

In order to maximize success, avoid duplication of effort, and assure adherence to Triton’s professional priorities and policies, the Grants Development Office will serve as the coordinating agent for all Triton College grant proposals and applications.
Before a Triton College employee initiates a grant proposal of any kind, regardless of the dollar amount requested, he or she must contact the Grants Development Office and complete a Grant Pre-Proposal Form. This form must be completed prior to full preparation of grant proposals. As part of the pre-proposal process, grant opportunities under consideration must receive the signed approval of the employee’s direct supervisor, Executive Director of the Grants Development Office and Associate Vice President of the area.
The Office of the Vice President of the area must endorse/sign all Grant Pre-Proposal Forms. Once the form has been signed and authorized to proceed to the next phase (proposal development and submission) it may also become an agenda item (for informational purposes) at the President’s Cabinet meeting. This helps to ensure transparency, accountability and awareness about prospective funding opportunities for the College. The Grants Pre-Proposal form must be returned to the Grants Development Office no later than 7 days of being approved or declined from the Office of the Vice President.
Upon receipt of the Grant Pre-Proposal Form, the Grants Development Office’s Grant Writer will establish a timeline with Project Directors and/or Deans to facilitate proposal completion.
Information regarding grant personnel must be established once the Grant Pre-Proposal Form is approved. The Project Director will work with the Grant Writer and Human Resources Department to develop a detailed job description where required (if one does not exist) to establish salary level and calculate benefits. Human Resources may review personnel information in the completed proposal before final submission.
The approval of the Vice President of the respective area must be received before any department or program in the College may enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with another institution, organization, etc. for grant purposes on behalf of the College as a whole. Letters of support to other organizations for the purposes of being used for other grant proposals do not require the consent of the Office of the Vice President but requires the consent of the Executive Director of Grants Development.
Final Drafts of completed proposals and/or applications must be sent to the Grants Development Office for review 14 days prior to the proposal submission date. During this time the Executive Director of Grants Development will review the completed proposal and the Director of Grants Compliance will ensure the project complies with internal and external requirements; the Business Services Office (Accounting) will review the grant proposal budget for compliance and accuracy when deemed necessary. The final and complete proposal/grant application must be submitted for review by the President and/or Vice President of the area within 7 days of proposal submission to the funding agency. After all approvals and signatures are obtained, the Grants Development Office’s Administrative Assistant will duplicate, package and send the proposal to the funding agency.
The President of Triton College is the only authorized organizational representative of Triton College permitted to sign grant applications.
The Grants Development Office is the designated authorized institutional representative for all electronic/Internet-based proposal maintenance and submission.
Deans, Project Directors and Principal Investigators, etc. are required to forward copies of documents such as award letters, denial letters, major budget changes, reports and other important documents related to Triton College’s grant proposals to the Grants Development Office.

Failure to adhere to any of the rules governing the grants management process at Triton College may result in a proposal not being approved for submission or a funded project not being accepted.
 Grant Pre-Proposal Approval Form  Grant Pre-Proposal Approval Form  
 External Agency Letter of Support Request Form  External Agency Letter of Support Request Form