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Grants Management Process - Post-Award

Once the grant has been awarded, the award notification (i.e. letter, contract, grant subcontract agreement, etc.) should be forwarded to the Grants Development Office if it was not originally notified about the award. The Grants Development office will forward the award information to Business Services and they will notify the Grant Project Director of his/her cost center and object codes. It is then the Grant Project Director’s responsibility to create a “New Budget FY 20xx” using the Budget Transfer/Expense Reimbursement form. Once the Grant Project Director obtains the appropriate signatures on the form, the assigned Grant Accountant will review, sign and forward to the Assistant Director of Finance to review. After all signatures are approved the Assistant Director of Finance will input the budget into Colleague and the budget will then be available through WebAdvisor.

Once a grant has been awarded, the Grants Development Office will:
Inform the Dean, Project Director and Business Office of the grant award.
Send thank you letter to the funding agency.
Collect authorized signatures on official grant agreement.
Meet with Grant Accountant, Dean and/or Project Director to discuss the requirements of the grant including reporting deadlines, project deliverables and budget.
Complete project abstract/compliance form.
Schedule regular meetings with grant Project Directors and Grant Accountants to ensure compliance, monitor grant implementation and track expenditures.
Send reminders to Project Directors regarding grant reporting deadlines.
Assist Project Directors with interactions with funding agency as needed.

   If a grant proposal/application has been declined, the Grants Development Office will:
   1. Inform Dean and/or Project Director of the decision.
   2. Request evaluators’ comments/feedback from the funding agency.
   3. Discuss the potential for revision and re-submission in the future.
   4. Send a thank you letter to the funding agency.

The Grants Development Office is available to assist with amending any compliance issues if a project encounters any challenges. It is critical that you contact the Grants Development Office immediately if you anticipate a problem or if you are having difficulty meeting the grant requirements. The sooner we are made aware of the issue the faster it can be resolved. 

 Project Abstract/Compliance Form Project Abstract/Compliance Form
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