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DVR Program of Study

Students get “the edge” with Triton and DesPlaines Valley Regional (DVR) Programs of Study

DesPlaines Valley Region (DVR) Education for Employment Regional Delivery System is a consortium of school districts building the future for elementary, high school and community college students through partnerships with business, industry and the community. With the help of the DVR students now have choices in selecting courses to take in high school.

   Source: DesPlaines Valley Region Education for Employment System (2015) Member Districts.

Program of Study… What is that?
A Program of Study is a custom made plan of action that maps out the relevant courses you must or should take in high school to become career ready.

DVR Program of Study website

How will the Program of Study help me prepare for my future?
By knowing what classes you need to take in high school, you will eliminate taking unnecessary courses and will be able to focus on those that will prepare you for college courses and your goals.

I have no idea what I want to do. How do I decide?
Start by taking a career interest assessment at whatsnextillinois.org. This website can help you narrow your choices.

Are Programs of Study available at my high school?
Yes. There are many choices for you to consider—it all depends on what you want to do down the road. Here are the participating High Schools:
   • East & West Leyden High Schools
   • Proviso East & West High Schools
   • Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy
   • Elmwood Park High School
   • Ridgewood High School
   • Oak Park River Forest High School
   • Riverside Brookfield High School

Sounds interesting… How can I find out more?
Click on Lookup your high school on the top of the DVR Home page, and you can see many different Programs of Study available through your high school. Also, go to your counseling department and ask for more information. They would love to help you figure this all out!

   Source: DesPlaines Valley Region Education for Employment System (2013).