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High School Faculty & Administrator Information

 Getting Started

Interested in teaching Dual Credit at your school?
Any high school teacher who wishes to teach a dual credit course at their school will need to meet the qualifications of *and* be approved as an adjunct instructor under the Dual Credit Program.

To obtain approval as a dual credit instructor, one must fill out the online application and submit the following credentials to the Dual Credit office for review by the appropriate academic department:

   • Cover letter indicating the course(s) for which teaching approval is requested.
   • Official transcript(s) from each higher education institution attended
   • Resumé and a Philosophy of Teaching

Once your online application has been received, we will reach out to you to request your official transcripts and any other required information in order for an interview with the academic dean and chair and/or coordinator to be set up.

Please forward all required information to:
Triton College - Office of Dual Credit
Attn: Tim Nystrom, Dual Credit Director
2000 North Fifth Avenue, F-210
River Grove, IL 60171

If you have further questions, please contact Tim Nystrom at 708-456-0300, Ext. 3612

Looking to establish a new Dual Credit course at your high school campus?

New Dual Credit classes are established through an articulation agreement between Triton and the high school via the Dual Credit Course Request Form. The person requesting a new course (typically the high school's department chair or head) needs to inform the Office of Dual Credit of their intention with the request form and then begin discussions with the appropriate Triton Chair or Coordinator in order to ensure the course will align with its Triton counterpart. Once the course has been articulated and the signatures finalized, we will send notice of approval so the course can begin running for its requested start term.

Current Dual Credit Faculty Members FAQ's

How do I log into my Triton Portal and WebAdvisor accounts?

After you were hired on and approved as an adjunct dual credit instructor, you should have been sent your login credentials to access your account in Triton's MyPortal. With those credentials you may follow the guide here to login and learn more about using your Portal and WebAdvisor accounts.

Can I have emails to my Triton staff email forwarded over to my primary email account?

Of course! If you wish to have your emails sent to your Triton email forwarded to your high school instructor email just follow the steps listed here. This is recommended if you don't like using multiple email accounts and would like to stay up to date on upcoming Triton activities and announcements. 

How do I manage my Triton Dual Credit rosters, attendance, and enter in Midterm or Final grades? 

Triton Dual Credit instructors are expected to be able to manage and verify their rosters, submit attendance reports, as well as midterm and final grades just like our regular faculty. For detailed guides on these processes, please review the information here and here.