Bookkeeping For Personal and Professional Development

This training program is designed for people who are interested in learning bookkeeping for both personal and professional development. This comprehensive series of courses will introduce you to basic computer technology and how to use those skills in the world of business. Classes are offered in a combination of classroom and online formats.

Successful completion of the following classes will result in the awarding of the certificate.

Online Path
   • BUS E09 - Accounting Fundamentals I
   • BUS E52 - Accounting Fundamentals II
   • CIS E04 - Computer Skills for the Workplace
   • CIS E17 - Introduction to QuickBooks 2007
   • CIS E65 - Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007   
   • ONL E08 - Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010

Bilingual Path
   • BUS E09 - Contabilidad I
   • BUS E52 - Contabilidad II
   • CIS E11 - Internet Básico o Internet Intermedio (CIS E12)
   • CIS E17 - QuickBooks
   • CIS E70 - Microsoft Word Básico
   • CIS E06 - Microsoft Excel Básico

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