Microsoft Office Specialist
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The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) is globally recognized as the standard for demonstrating desktop skills. Microsoft Certified Application Specialist certificate program validates skills in using the 2007 Microsoft Office system and the Windows Vista operating system, meeting the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the latest Microsoft technologies. With a MCAS certification, thousands of people have demonstrated increased productivity and have proved their ability to utilize the advanced functionality of these Microsoft applications.

By encouraging individuals to develop advanced skills with Microsoft's leading business desktop software, the MCAS program helps fill the demand for qualified, knowledgeable people in the modern workplace. At the same time, MCAS helps satisfy an organization's need for a qualitative assessment of employee skills.

CIS E58 Basic Internet (1 AEC)
We begin with a brief introduction to the Internet--its history, how it works, and how to connect to it. Students are then introduced to Internet Explorer, browsing the Web, and searching for Web pages. Latter lessons cover email with Outlook and Webmail, how to use an address book, folders, and email attachments. Students are also introduced to advanced skills, including an introduction to instant messaging, sharing digital photos, and creating and posting Web pages.

OFC E08 Windows XP
This seven-week course is an excellent starting point for students just becoming acquainted with computers. Important for anyone wanting to keep their files and system organized. Concepts include:
   • Understanding Tools and Components
   • Customizing the Look of your Computer
   • Starting Applications
   • Creating and Organizing Folders using Windows Explorer and My Computer
   • Using Internet Explorer

Word Core

OFC E09 Word Level I
This seven-week course is designed for the beginner in Word. Students will learn the basic functions of developing documents to clearly and effectively communicate their ideas. Concepts include:
   • Creating Documents
   • Editing and Proofing Documents
   • Formatting Documents
   • Working with Tables
   • Formatting Pages

CIS E71 Word II
Students will learn more advanced MS Word usage with a focus on customizing work by using menus and toolbars. Further template usage will be covered, as well as macros and practices to manage multiple documents. Additional focus will be placed on graphics, web pages, mail-merges and sharing information between other MS Office products.Excel Core

CIS E55 MS Excel I 
An introductory course into electronic spreadsheets. Learn the fundamental concepts of developing an electronic spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel and its use in today's business community. Spreadsheet commands and functions are covered. 

CIS E61 MS Excel II
Advanced features of electronic spreadsheets are presented including database, text, graphics, macros and financial functions. This is a continuation of CIS E55. Completion of CIS E55 and CIS E61 prepare the student for the MCAS examination. 

For course sections numbered 101 and above, the course may be taken for college credit. All lower numbered sections are noncredit only.

Access Core

CIS E57 Microcomputer Database Management Software 
Entering, storing and manipulating (sorting, selecting and displaying) data in a variety of forms utilizing database management software, the basic too used to manage data on a computer.

CIS E67 Access Level II (Access) Software
Advanced features of microcomputer database management software including creating reports and forms, user interfaces, building queries and menu driven applications are covered. See section description for specific software package. For course sections numbered 101 and above, the course may be taken for college credit. All lower numbered sections are noncredit only.

PowerPoint Core

OFT E12 PowerPoint (Presentation Graphics)
In this 14-week course, new users will learn the basics of working with this powerful business graphics and presentation manager. Topics include:

   Level I
      • Creating a Presentation
      • Modifying a Presentation
      • Enhancing Presentations with Graphics
      • Customizing using Slide and Text Master

   Level II
      • Enhancing Charts
      • Working with Linked Objects
      • Working with Hyperlinks
      • Using Slide Show Features

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