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Triton College is committed to providing a supportive, safe, and welcoming college environment.  The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional team charged with being the primary resource for proactively addressing student behavioral concerns that may result in risk of harm to self or others, or behaviors that significantly disrupt the learning environment.

The Behavioral Intervention Team investigates reports of concerning behavior on campus and seeks to identify and recommend appropriate steps. The team will follow up on the referral of concern and respond appropriately. The BIT DOES NOT REPLACE faculty classroom management and/or public safety responses to incidents. In the event of an emergency or crisis situation, call 911 or the Triton College Police Department at ext. 3206 or 708-456-6911.

Behavioral Intervention Team Members
   • Corey M. Williams, Dean of Student Services (Chair)
   • Silvia Donatelli, Counselor
   • Deborah Kaczmarek, Center for Access and Accommodative Services
   • Mark Amerazian/John Hansen, Police
   • Dora Abbruscato, Student Services