Flexible Learning

Triton is a community-based college that offers a range of programs for busy professionals. Attend classes where you want, when you want -- including flexible start dates. Achieve specialty certification or an associate's degree with credit transferable to a four-year institution. At Triton, we give you choices.
  • Weekend Courses
    Credit and noncredit classes on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Internet Courses
    Credit and noncredit online classes offered through the Web, e-mail, discussion groups and chat rooms.

  • Accelerated Workforce Programs
    Customized credit and noncredit programs directed toward achieving professional certification or licensure.

  • Fast Track
    Credit classes that meet for seven weeks or less but earn the same credit as a full semester class. 

  • Minicourses
    Credit classes offered in two or three weeks usually during semester breaks and for the same credit as full semester classes.