Continuing Education Classes

Triton College's Continuing Education (CE) Program offers various courses as well as several learning options. 

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BUS E09 Accounting Fundamentals
BUS E52 Accounting Fundamentals II
BUS E79 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks

ARC E10 Introduction to the History of Architecture (3 AEC)
ARC E89 Introduction to Architectural CAD (3 AEC)

ART C04 Fine Arts Discovery Workshop
ART C16 Beginning Drawing
ART C27 Beginning Ceramics
ART C36 Beginning Stained Glass
ART C37 Continuing Ceramics
ART C42 Painter’s Workshop

AST C12 Astronomy for Fun
AST C13 Observational Satellite Tracking
AST C14 Space Science I

Automotive Technology
AUT C04 Know your Car
AUT C10 How to Buy or Lease a Car Without Being Taken for a Ride
AUT C13 Preventing Auto Repair Fraud

AVI C01 Being a Pilot
AVI C02 Private Pilot Ground School

Bank Teller
BSN E18 Sales Strategies ( 1 AEC)
BSN E21 Financial Services Specialist (1.5 AEC)

BUS 137 Entrepreneurship II

  Developing the Professional Image (3 AEC)
BSN C17 The Art of Negotiation
BSN E02 Customer Service/Office Equipment
BSN E44 Hiring and Firing
BSN E55 Fundamentals of Supervision and Management
BSN E62 Marketing Research for Small Business
BSN E63 Small Business Financing
BSN E66 Business Planning
BSN E68 Small Business Sales Staffing and Training
BSN E71 Business Technical Writing ONLINE
BSN E715 Fundamentals of Technical Writing
BSN E96 Management Development
BUS C20 Job Search Strategies
BUS C28 An Introduction to Buying and Selling on eBay
BUS E02 Introduction to Business in China I (2 AEC)
BUS E04 Leadership Development
BUS E05 Fostering Diversity and Respect
BUS E05 Leadership Development
BUS E06 Teams and Team Building
BUS E06 15 Teams and Team Building (1 AEC)
BUS E08 Understanding the Intergenerational Workplace
BUS E21 Making Your Resume Work for You
BUS E24 Employee Benefits; Concepts and Health Care Benefits
BUS E27 Human Resources and Compensation Management
BUS E56 Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search ONLINE
BUS E57 Introduction to Business Analysis
BUS E59 Purchasing Fundamentals
BUS E72 Purchasing Applications
BUS E75 Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
BUS E76 How to Organize and Lead an Effective Meeting
BUS E78 Supply Chain Management Applications
BUS E85 Principles of Sales Management ONLINE
BUS E97 The Art of Negotiation (.5 AEC)
CIS E32 Creating User Requirements Documents
HIA E25 Wedding Planning Certification
MKT E20 Developing the Professional Image
OFT E43 Administrative Assistant Applications
OFT E48 Keys to Effective Communication
ONL C46 Resume Writing Workshop
ONL E01 Internet Essential Skills
ONL E02 Creating Web Pages
ONL E05 Introduction to Microsoft Access 2003
ONL E06 Intermediate Microsoft Access 2003
ONL E07 Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2003
ONL E08 Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2003
ONL E10 A to Z Grant Writing ONLINE
ONL E11 Introduction to PC Troubleshooting
ONL E12 Start and Operate your own Homebased Business
ONL E23 Introduction to Microsoft Word 2003
ONL E31 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
ONL E33 101 Tips and Tricks for the iMac and Macintosh
ONL E41 Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach
ONL E43 Starting a Consulting Practice
ONL E47 Intermediate PowerPoint 2002
ONL E49 Photoshop 7 for the Absolute Beginner
ONL E50 Introduction to Photoshop 7
ONL E53 Effective Business Writing
ONL E70 Employment Law Fundamentals
ONL E71 Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
ONL E72 Professional Sales Strategies
ONL E76 Project Management Fundamentals
ONL E77 Project Management Applications ONLINE
ONL E79 Effective Selling
ONL E80 Marketing Your Business on the Internet ONLINE
ONL E87 Interpersonal Communication
ONL E88 Office Procedures
ONL E93 Get Assertive!
ONL E94 Introduction to Crystal Reports 10
ONL E99 Wow, What a Great Event!
SUP E02 Surviving as a New Manager
SUP E23 Supervisory Skills: The Nuts & Bolts of the Job
TEC E61 Project Management Fundamentals Certificate Program (CAPM)
TEC E82 Manufacturing Fundamentals
TTM E13 Distribution and Logistics Management (1.5 AEC)

Career Enhancement
BSN E18 Sales Strategies (1 AEC)
BUS E85 Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search

Children Courses
CHI C02 Beginning Mandarin Chinese for Children and Parents
CHI C03 Writing in Chinese for Children and Parents
ENG C41 Storytelling for Children
ETC C05 Jr. High Acting Clinic
ETC C31 Pre-Algebra
KDS C02 “What’s Up Doc?”—Creative Cartooning For Kids
KDS C05 Beginning Photography for Kids
KDS C07 Bowling With Clay—Ceramics I for Kids
KDS C08 Kid’s Painting: The Artist’s Workshop!
KDS C10 The Actor’s Clinic — Triton’s Junior Theater
KDS C19 Beginning Sign Language
KDS C25 Mini Red Cross Swimming Session
KDS C55 Math Camp I
KDS C56 Reading Help
KDS C60 Mexican Folk Dance for Children
KDS C80 ¡Bienvenido! Beginning Spanish
KDS C84 Benvenuti! Beginning Italian
KDS C87 Writer’s Workshop
KDS C92 Basketball Clinic
KOF C10 Karate Club and Safety Time
MKT E02 Fashion Illustration I
MKT E03 01 Fashion Design I
MUS C03 Beginning Piano and Violin for Young People: Tempo
MUS C04 Tempo
PED C05 Parent/Tot Swim
PED C64 Swim Instruction for Children
PED C70 Competitive Swimming
PED C93 Children’s Competitive Swim Instruction
REC C72 Children’s Beginning Golf (Ages 6-12)

Clerical Skills
DPR C20 Basic Computer Skills & Keyboarding
OFC E03 Keyboarding Technique

Computers/Advertising Art & Computer Design
PHG E42 Digital Imaging (1 AEC)
PHO E25 Adobe Illustrator

OFC E16 Presentation Graphics (2 AEC)

CIS E11 Internet Essential Skills
CIS E13 Creating Internet Web Pages (.5 AEC)
CIS E51 Introduction to Microcomputers (1 AEC)
CIS E58 Introduction to the World Wide Web (1 AEC)
CIS E98 Intermediate Web Site Design (.5 AEC)
DPR C05 Introduction to Computers I for First-time Users (Seniors)
DPR C07 Introduction to Computers II for First-time Users (Seniors)
DPR C16 Basic Computer Literacy
DPR C18 Intermediate Computer Literacy
DPR C19 Introduction to Computers III for Seniors: The Internet
DPR C21 Introduction to Computers IV
DPR E39 Word Processing for Office Use I (1.5 AEC)
ETR C01 E.T.R.C. Open Lab: Fall or Spring Full Semester Use
ETR C03 E.T.R.C. Open Lab: Summer Semester Use
OFC E04 Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy (1 AEC)
OFC E08 Windows (1 AEC)
OFT E17 Microsoft Word I (2 AEC)
OFT E19 Word II (2 AEC)
ONL E01 Intro. to the Internet
ONL E02 Creating Web Pages
ONL E05 Introduction to Microsoft Access ONLINE
ONL E37 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions for Your Web Site ONLINE
ONL E96 Introduction to Windows Vista

Computers/Computer Information Systems
CIS E07 Introduction to Linux
CIS E17 Introduction to QuickBooks 2007
CIS E31 Microsoft Windows Certification Prep.
CIS E33 Intro. to C# Programming
CIS E34 Intermediate to C# Programming
CIS E53 Introduction to Visual Basic 2005
CIS E83 Advanced CompTia
DPR C21 Introduction to Computers IV
OFT E44 Introduction to Windows XP
ONL E21 Basic A+ Certification
ONL E22 Intermediate A+ Certification
TSC E34 Intro. to C++ Programming
TSC E58 Introduction to C++ Programming

Computers/Computer Seminars
OFC E31 Microsoft Access Seminar (.5 AEC)
OFT E25 Microsoft Word I Seminar (.5 AEC)
OFT E26 Microsoft Word ll Seminar
OFT E27 Microsoft Excel I Seminar (.5 AEC)
OFT E28 Microsoft Excel II Seminar (.5 AEC)
OFT E29 Windows PowerPoint Seminar (.5 AEC)
OFT E30 Microsoft Publisher Seminar (.5 AEC)

Computers/Database Applications
CIS E57 Microcomputer Database Management Software (1 AEC)
CIS E67 Advanced Microcomputer Database Management Software (1 AEC)

Computers/Internet Skills
CIS E04 Computer Skills for the Workplace
CIS E11 Internet Essential Skills (.5 ACE)
CIS E58 Introduction to the World Wide Web (1 ACE)
ONL E37 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions for Your Web Site
ONL E95 Java for the Absolute Beginner

Computers/Spreadsheet Applications
CIS E01 Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
CIS E35 Intro. to Microsoft Visio
CIS E55 Introduction to Electronic Spreadsheets (1 AEC)
CIS E61 Advanced Electronic Spreadsheets (1 AEC)
ONL E07 Intro. to Microsoft Excel
ONL E08 Intermediate Excel

Computers/Word Processing Applications
CIS E63 Intro. to Microsoft Outlook
CIS E64 Intro. to Microsoft Project
CIS E65 Intro. to Microsoft Word
CIS E97 Microsoft Office
DPR C20 Basic Computer Skills—Keyboarding
DPR E39 Word Processing for Office Use
OFC E08 Windows (1 ACE)
OFC E11 Intermediate Microsoft Word 2003
OFT E12 Presentation Graphics
OFT E15 Windows Express (1 AEC)
OFT E17 Microsoft Word l (2 ACE)
OFT E19 Microsoft Word ll (2 ACE)
OFT E20 Word for Windows Advanced
ONL E06 Intermediate Microsoft Access
ONL E31 Intro. to Microsoft PowerPoint

REC C05 Beginning Belly Dancing
REC C13 Swing Dancing
REC C14 Line Dancing: Beginning
REC C15 Tap Dancing (Beginning/Intermediate)
REC C26 Line Dancing: Intermediate
REC C29 Intermediate Tap Dance
REC C35 Beginning Ballroom Dancing (Minicourse)
REC C36 Basic Stepping
REC C41 Intermediate Stepping Course
REC C42 Latin Club Dancing
REC C55 Intermediate Belly Dance
REC C56 Beginning Ballroom Dancing
REC C57 Intermediate Ballroom Dancing
REC C79 Intermediate Latin Dance
REC C91 Belly Dancing Workshop

Driver Education
AUT C01 Adult Driver Education Classroom and Behind the Wheel
RET C24 Rules of the Road

Engineering Technology
ENT E15 Basic PRO-E (4 AEC)
ENT E16 Pro-E — Upgrade (.5 AEC)
ENT E25 Advanced Drafting and Design I (4 AEC)
ENT E52 Introduction to AutoCAD (3 AEC)
ENT E84 Solidworks — Upgrade (.5 AEC)

MKT E03 Fashion Design I

FIN C05 Financial Planning for Older Americans
FIN C12 Financial Planning for Women
FIN C21 Basic Investments
FIN C22 Intermediate Stock Market
FIN C34 Introduction to Investing
FIN C48 Budgeting 101
FIN C51 Funding Your Children’s Education
FIN C52 Getting Out of Debt
FIN C53 Credit Union 101
RET C07 Retire with Confidence

PED C06 Fitness After Fifty
PED C37 Total Fitness Center
PED C45 Low Impact Aerobics
PED C46 Dancercise with Zumba
PED C47 Weight Training
PED C54 Beginning Tai Chi
REC C18 Beginning Yoga
REC C24 Pilates Mat Class (Beginning)
REC C93 LAMAS Qi Gong (Chinese Healing)
REC C95 Yoga for Baby Boomers
REC C96 Prenatal Yoga

CKG C02 Cooking for one or two
CKG C08 Basic Cooking
CKG C10 Vegetarian Cuisine — Great Dining with Wholefood
CKG C60 Caribbean Cooking
CKG C68 Beginning Cake Decorating
CKG C70 Intermediate Cake Decorating
CKG C71 Advanced Cake Decorating
HIA E06 Beverage Management
HIA E15 Food Sanitation and Safety
HIA E28 Introduction to Baking/Pastry
HIA E29 Chocolate (2 ACE)
HIA E30 Food Preparation I
HIA E34 Artisan Breads (3 ACE)

HTH C07 Laughing, Loving, Living Your Way to a Healthy Life
HTH C25 Holistic Health: A Journey Toward Wellness
HTH C45 Weight Loss, Nutrition and Wellness
HTH C46 Taking care of the Caregiver
HTH C47 Here’s Help: Surviving Someone Else’s Depression
HTH C48 Smart Anger Management: Using the Information and Energy Anger Provides

Healthcare Professionals
AHL E24 Pharmacy Technician Training
HMS E92 Certificate in Gerontology
HTH C82 CPR/AED for Healthcare Providers-American Heart Association-AHA
HTH C83 CPR/AED Renewal for Healthcare Providers-American Heart Association-AHA
HTH E06 HIPAA Compliance
HTH E07 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
HTH E08 Dialysis Technician Certification
HTH E09 End of Life Care
HTH E10 Issues in Oxygenation
HTH E31 Dental Assisting Program
HTH E34 Physical Therapy Aid
HTH E38 EKG Training
IHP E03 Bioenergy and Spiritual Healing
IHP E05 Phlebotomy Technician
NRS C19 Nurse Evaluator Workshop
NRS E19 CNA Instructor Course
ONL E73 Human Anatomy and Physiology (1.5 AEC)
ONL E74 Introduction to Natural Health and Healing
ONL E75 Handling Medical Emergencies

Home Improvement
ELC C02 Electricity for the Homeowner
WOT C05 Woodworking

ORN C17 Christmas Centerpieces l
ORN C20 Easy-living Landscaping for the Home
ORN C23 Silk Flower Arrangements
ORN C28 Wedding Design
ORN C40 Soils and Nutrition
ORN C52 Holiday Floral Arrangements
ORN E02 Floral Design and Display
ORN E11 Basic Ornamental Horticulture
ORN E12 Entomology (3 AEC)
ORN E24 Landscape Design and Construction I (4 AEC)
ORN E30 Wedding and Party: Sales and Design (3 AEC)
ORN E40 Landscape Maintenance (4 AEC)

HIA E06 Beverage Management (2 AEC)

Human Resources
BUS E30 Health Economics
BUS E32 Understanding the Human Resources Function

ENG C08 Triton Book Club
ENG C10 Creative Writing I
ENG C19 Great Books for Everyone
ENG C25 Magazine and Newspaper Writing
ENG C39 The Art of Storytelling for Adults
HIS C08 Great Decisions
HIS C17 U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction
HUM C14 Great Films for Everyone
HUM C16 Chicago as Seen on the Big Screen
ONL C46 Resume Writing Workshop
ONL E93 Get Assertive
PHL C06 Great Philosophers
PHL C12 Philosophy and Terrorism
SPE C09 Improvisation for Actors
SPE C15 Play Reading For Everyone
SPN C20 Literature of Spain and its Influence on Latin America

Independent Study
CIS E97 Microsoft Office (1 AEC)
OFC E09 Word Level I (1 AEC)
OFT E12 PowerPoint Levels I & II (Presentation Graphics) (2AEC)
OFT E20 Word Level II (1 AEC)

FRE C11 Elementary French l
HME C02 Sign Language
HME C03 American Sign Language
ITL C02 Beginning Conversational Italian
ITL C03 Intermediate Conversational Italian
ITL C10 Elementary Italian
ONL C01 Speed Spanish II
ONL C20 Speed Spanish
POL C01 Beginning Conversational Polish
SOC E18 Spanish Interpreter Training Legal Settings
SOC E21 Spanish Interpreter, Medical Settings
SPN C04 Beginning Conversational Spanish
SPN C05 Intermediate Conversational Spanish
SPN C06 Advanced Conversational Spanish
SPN C12 Learn a Little Spanish
SPN C14 Elementary Spanish
SPN C17 Intermediate Spanish
SPN C19 Career Spanish

Machine Tool Technology
MET E17 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) I (5 AEC)

BUS E58 Principles of Sales Management
ONL E72 Professional Sales Strategies
ONL E79 Effective Selling (1.5 AEC)
ONL E80 Marketing Your Business on the Internet

MMP E01 Introduction to Radio Broadcasting

Medical Coding
HIT E29 Health Information Technology: Medical Billing and Coding
ONL E41 Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach (1.5 AEC) ONLINE
ONL E61 Medical Transcription
ONL E62 Medical Billing
ONL E63 Advanced Coding ICD 9
ONL E64 Advanced Coding CPT
ONL E65 Medical Coding
ONL E66 AAPC Certification Review

BSN E72 Paralegal Research (1.5 AEC)
BSN E73 Paralegal Jurisprudence (1.5 AEC)
BSN E74 Paralegal Litigation (1.5 AEC)
BSN E75 Paralegal Management (1.5 AEC)
BSN E76 Paralegal Career
HUM C08 Paralegal Opportunities Seminar *FREE*

Personal Growth
PSY C62 Getting Organized and Managing Time
PSY C63 Memory Techniques

Pharmacy Technician
AHL E24 Pharmacy Technician Training (4 AEC)

ONL E49 Photoshop 7 for the Absolute Beginner (1.5 AEC) ONLINE
ONL E50 Introduction to Photoshop 7 (1.5 AEC) ONLINE
PHG C02 Basic Photography
PHG C07 Portrait Photography
PHG E42 Digital Imaging (1 AEC)
VIC E10 Digital Photography

Professional Security Training
PSA E02 20-hour Basic Security
PSA E25 Private Security Firearm Training

Project Management
BUS E46 PMP Certification Preparation 1
BUS E47 PMP Certification Preparation 2
ONL E76 Project Management Fundamentals
ONL E77 Project Management Applications

Quality Control
ONL E97 Total Quality Fundamentals
ONL E98 Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications

Real Estate
ONL E79 Effective Selling (1.5 AEC) ONLINE
RES C15 The Road to Home Ownership: Mortgage Financing 101
RES E01 Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approach (2 AEC)
RES E02 Real Estate Review
RES E03 Home Inspection Exam Prep (.5 AEC)
RES E04 Residential Market Analysis & Highest & Best Use (1 AEC)
RES E05 Residential Appraiser Site Valuation & Cost Approach (1 AEC)
RES E10 National USPAP Update (0.5 AEC)
RES E14 Reas Estate Appraisal Exam Prep (0.5 AEC)
RES E15 Real Estate Fundamentals (3 AEC)
RES E20 Basic Real Estate Appraisal Principles (2 AEC)
RES E21 Basic Real Estate Appraisal Procedures (2 AEC)
RES E22 National USPAP Course (1 AEC)
RES E23 Residential Report Writing (1 AEC)
RES E25 HA & VA Appraisals (.5 AEC)
RES E30 Contracts and Conveyances (1 AEC)
RES E31 Advanced Principles 2000 (1 AEC)
RES E32 Brokerage Administration (1 AEC)
RES E33 Real Estate Finance (1 AEC)
RES E34 Property Management (1 AEC)
RES E35 Home Inspection (4 AEC)
RES E36 Home Inspector Report Writing
RES E45 Mortgage Loan Originator (1.5 AEC)
RES E46 Mortgage Loan Processing (1.5 AEC)
RES E47 Using Appraisal Writing Software
RES E49 Fundamentals of Real Estate Staging
RES E50 Professional Interior Redesign

PED C36 Tae Kwon Do

Sewing and Crafts
HEC C26 Basic Clothing Construction
HEC C27 Intermediate Clothing Construction
HEC C80 Knitting and Crocheting
HEC C83 Beginning Knitting
WOT C03 Woodcarving

Special Interest
PED C11 Circus Arts — Triton Troupers
REC C68 Basic Bird Watching
SCI C16 Tornado Climatology and Storm Chasing

PED C 25 Badminton for Fun
PED C07 Beginning Golf
PED C08 Intermediate Golf
PED C52 Men’s Basketball
REC C71 Golf Clinic for Older Adults

PED C15 Arthritis Aquatic Program
PED C16 Beginning Swimming
PED C17 Intermediate Swimming for Adults
PED C34 Summer Beginning Swimming for Adults
PED C38 Summer Intermediate Swimming for Adults
PED C39 Summer Aquacize
PED C41 Summer Aquacize For Seniors
PED C42 Summer Arthritis Aquatic Program
PED C49 Aquacize
PED C74 Aquacize for Seniors
PED C94 Advanced Aquacize
REC C94 Scuba

Tax Preparation
BSN E87 Tax Preparation Part l (1 ACE)
BSN E88 Tax Perparation ll (1 ACE)

Teachers/Teaching Paraprofessionals
EDU E63 Working Successfully with Learning Disabled Students
EDU E66 Creating the Inclusive Classroom
EDU E76 Teaching Science
ONL E82 Ready, Set, Read!
ONL E83 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems
ONL E84 Survival Kit for New Teachers
ONL E85 The Creative Classroom
ONL E86 Integrating Technology in the K-5 Classroom
ONL E89 Using the Internet in the Classroom
ONL E91 Understanding Adolescents

Test Preparation
EDU C04 ACT Review
EDU C42 GMAT Preparation ONLINE
EDU C43 GRE Prep — Part 1 (Verbal and Analytical) ONLINE
EDU C44 GRE Preparation — Part 2 (Quantitative) ONLINE
EDU C45 LSAT Preparation — Part 1 ONLINE
EDU C46 LSAT Preparation - Part 2 ONLINE
EDU C47 SAT/ACT Preparation — Part 1 ONLINE
EDU C48 SAT/ACT Preparation — Part 2 ONLINE
MAT E95 Math Review for Prospective Teachers

SPE C09 Improvisation for Actors
SPE E30 Introduction to Theater (3 AEC)
SPE E61 Acting I (3 AEC)

TTM C09 Travel the World in Comfort for Less Than Staying at Home
TTM C10 Escape the Rat Race: Live, Retire, and Work in the World’s Best Places
TTM C11 A Whole New Way to Travel: Exchanging, Volunteering, Learning Vacations, and Other Adventures Abroad

ONL C34 Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers
ONL C44 Write Your Life Story
ONL C45 Writeriffic 2: Advanced Creativity Training for Writers