Internet Courses

If getting to an on- or off-campus location is difficult for you, Internet courses may offer the perfect alternative. If you have a computer at home and access to the Internet, you can learn online in the comfort of your own home. Or use your notebook computer to continue your education on the road! 

Students participate in Internet courses by logging on to the course Web site and interacting with their instructor and classmates through email, discussion groups and chat rooms. Internet courses provide the same course content as the equivalent classroom courses, but require you to be more self-disciplined. They offer more flexibility in choosing when and where course work is completed.

For more information, please visit Triton's Virtual Campus pages or 

contact the Weekend College Director at: (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3130. 

Students enrolled in flexible learning courses have full access to Triton's vast array of student-support and educational resources