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Internships/Cooperative Education

Triton defines an internship/cooperative work study as a class outside of your classroom. Internships are time-limited job experiences that are related to your academic major. You may participate in an internship during either semester or in the summer. Certain programs include internships as part of their requirements. The Career Services staff will manage students' internship placements, however, you are also expected to look for an internship as well. The collaboration between you and the Career Services staff should ensure a successful and satisfying placement. It is highly recommended that you begin your search for an internship as soon as possible.

   • Work in a job related to your major
   • Receive college credit
   • Meet professionals in your field
   • Apply for paid internship opportunities
   • Possibly turn your internship into a full-time job

Thank you for considering a partnership with Triton College! Our students come to you with energy and enthusiasm to integrate classroom learning with hands-on experience. Students need to complete 240 hours in order to receive class credit and must meet with a faculty advisor to work our three measurable learning objectives for the position. These learning objectives are spelled out on the contract. The student must have his/her signature, the faculty advisor signature and your signature on the contract and returned to our office before they can be enrolled.

   • Receive reimbursement of up to $1,200 for a paid internship opportunity
   • Experience a possible source of new ideas and a fresh perspective
   • Contribute to the professional development of our students
   • Preview potential full-time employees
   • Earn free attendance to our job fairs

For more information on how to get started, please contact Rich Williams at or Jackie Gordon at

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