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CLEP (College Level Examination Program) 

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) is a way to receive college credits for information that you previously learned through examination. The examinations are computerized tests and the number of credits awarded varies from examination to examination.

Triton College currently accepts and awards credit for a passing score for the following CLEP examinations:

Test Title Passing Score   Equivalent Course   Credits Awarded  
American Government 50 PSC 150 3
American Literature 50 ENG 113 or ENG 114 3
Biology 50 BIS 100 or BIS 101 4
Calculus 50 MAT 131 5
College Algebra 50 MAT 110 5
College Composition - RHT 101 50 RHT 101 3
College Composition - RHT 101 and RHT 102 75 RHT 101 and RHT 102 6
College Mathematics 50 MAT 102 3
Financial Accounting 50 ACC 101 3
History of United States I 50 HIS 151 3
History of United States II 50 HIS 152 3
Human Growth and Development 50 EDU 206 3
Humanities 50 HUM 104 or HUM 105 3
Information Systems and Computer Applications 50 CIS 101 3
Introduction to Business Law 50 BUS 161 3
Introduction to Educational Psychology 50 EDU 215 3
Introductory Psychology 50 PSY 100 3
Introductory Sociology 50 SOC 100 3
Natural Science 50 BIS 100 and PHS 141 8
Pre-Calculus 50 MAT 111 5
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECO 102 3
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECO 103 3
Principles of Management 50 BUS 150 3
Principles of Marketing 50 BUS 127 3
Spanish Language - Level I 50 SPN 101 and SPN 102 8
Spanish Language - Level II 70 SPN 103 and SPN 104 8
Western Civilization I 50 HIS 121 3
Western Civilization II 50 HIS 122 3

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
English Literature
French Language
German Language
Social Science and History


Students must present two forms of personal identification on test day in order to be admitted to the testing room – primary and secondary. Primary identification must be a government-issued photo bearing ID. The ID must include your name, signature, and a recognizable photograph.


 Acceptable forms of  primary ID include:
Driver’s license, State ID, National ID, Tribal ID, passport or other goverment issued ID that includes your photograph and signature

Acceptable forms of secondary ID include:
Student ID that includes a photo and/or your signature or any unused ID from the primary choices above


Military test takers, bring your military ID and Social Security card. Home schoolers, if you do not have the required government issued ID, please visit the CLEP website at to complete a Student ID Form. This form is valid for one year and must be accompanied by a recognizable photo, with a school or notary seal overlapping the photo.


Fees required for the CLEP exam:
$80.00 per test Go to to create an account and pay for your CLEP exam. You must bring your CLEP registration ticket on the day of your exam..
$15.00 per test, service fee, payable to Triton College with cash, check or money order.


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