Triton College Police Department
Contact Information

The Triton College Police Department is located on the west campus in N building on the Second Floor (See Campus Map). Our address is 2000 N. 5th Ave., River Grove, IL 60171.
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please feel free to visit us any time. 

Phone Number:                                   (708) 456-6911
Fax Number:                                       (708) 583-3119
Teletypewriter (TDD)                           (708) 452-8115

Campus House or Office Phones:           11 or 3206

Staff Members

The following is a list of our staff members:  


  • Chief J. Sargent                     
  • Deputy Chief J. Hansen           
  • Sergeant G. Bednar                       
  • Sergeant A. Weinstock              
  • Sergeant M. Amerazian            
  • Officer J. McGarvey
  • Officer K. Giolas
  • Officer R. Gronke
  • Officer R. Cantu
  • Officer A. Drent
  • Officer J. Presta
  • Officer P. LoGalbo
  • Officer C. Reid
  • Officer J. Gulino
  • Officer R. Conway
  • Officer R. Krall
  • Officer N. Reyes
  • Officer Q. Asbury

Communications Center:

  • Communication Supervisor C. Kemph
  • Communication Officer M. Borg
  • Communication Officer A. Caron
  • Communication Officer S. Riddle 
  • Communication Officer S. Morris
  • Communication Officer P. Anderson

 Public Service Officers:

  • PSO A. Fortin
  • PSO M. Coglianese