Emergency Response Guide

This guide is available to all Faculty, staff and students of Triton College. It provides general information on common emergency situations and provides guidance for the actions of citizens during these situations.

The emergencies presented in this guide are not all inclusive of every emergency situation that might occur, however, certain actions are common to most emergencies. Calm, decisive actions based upon common sense will normally be the correct course to provide for personal safety, to prevent property damage, and to prevent a situation from deteriorating.

Content Pages
What is a Disaster Warning? 
Duties of the Administrator-in-Charge 
Some Other Key People And their Duties 
Disclosure of Information at an Emergency Scene 
School Violence - Pre-Incident Consideration 
Emergency Situations, General 
Medical Assistance and First Aid 
Power Failures 
Fire Alarm Procedure 
Severe Weather 
Response to a Hostile Intruder Situation (Active Shooter) 
Bomb Threats / Found Devices 
Bomb Threat Checklist 
Suspicious Mail – Powdery Substance 
Radioactive, Dangerous, Hazardous Material 
Evacuation Plan 
Campus Closure 
Crime Reporting 
Safety Hazards 

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