Emergency Response Guide

What is a Disaster Warning?

All warnings received by the Triton College Police Department (TCPD) will be immediately forwarded to the Administrator-in-Charge. He/she will be notified of all additional information as it becomes available, or asked to report to the command post.

A warning is defined as any notification or condition that indicates that a potential disaster or unusual occurrence is possible due to such information. Such disasters or occurrences could have a negative impact on the routine operations of the college, could place students, staff and visitors in physical danger, or could result in damage to Triton College grounds, buildings and/or property. Such disasters or occurrences could be minor, moderate or major in nature and degree.

An emergency situation or disaster may occur at any time of the day or night, on weekends or holidays, and may occur with little or no warning. As such, prompt and proper action must be taken to promote security and safety and to protect life and property.

The succession of events in an emergency are not always predictable, therefore, published support and operational plans will serve only as a guide and checklist. These procedures may require field modification to meet the requirements of the emergency or disaster.