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Alumni Career Services Event - Draws in Alums

On Tuesday, December 1, Triton alums visited the career service center at the college for an opportunity to learn about part and full-time job listings as well as receive personalized assistance on a variety of subjects that will provide them information for a career change or land a job in a chosen field.

"It’s wonderful to be able to be of service and help alumni get to the next level of their life," said Jane Klingberg, Director of Career Services. Over the course of the evening Jane and her team were able to connect a businessman whose business went South with the recession to a Triton Score counselor. They were also able to refer a nurse who was looking to take a refresher course to Ed to Go. They were also able to provide resources to an executive working in a corporate environment, who is transitioning to a non-profit environment. The career services center offers assistance in online part and full-time job listings, career research assistance, personalized assistance with resume and cover letter writing, cooperative education/internships, computerized interest and skills inventories, mock interview sessions, free literature on job search and career topics and career management assistance.

The buzz around the room was one of satisfaction from Alums and pride from the Career Services staff as they were able to help a variety of people with a myriad of different goals.

For more information regarding Triton’s career services, please call 708-456-0300, Ext. 3619, 3746 or 3805.

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