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The Adult Basic Education Department's High School Completion Program offers courses to prepare students for passing the GED, a high school equivalency examination. It is not a requirement that you take classes before taking the GED test. However, we strongly recommend taking these classes to give you confidence and increase your chances for passing the test the first time. If you have a high school diploma from abroad, you do not need a GED. 

The official GED test consists of a series of tests in the areas of mathematics, literature and the arts, social studies, writing skills, science and U.S. Constitution, to prove that you have the required general education requirements. 

The GED program at Triton offers three different levels of math, language arts, a GED Test Review and a Constitution test review. Placement testing is done to decide the most appropriate instructional level and is required by the Illinois State Board of Education, which funds the adult education classes at Triton.