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The Counseling Department at Triton offers various courses that will help you get started at Triton. All classes can be used as elective credit toward your degree and can be transferred to a four-year college.

CSG 150 - Career/Life Planning
If you have an interest in exploring your career options, sign up for career/life planning. CSG 150 is a one-credit hour, seven-week course. Students complete personality assessments to determine career fields and majors that are most suitable for their personality type. It is available online and in a traditional classroom format. (This class may be used as an elective to complete your degree program.)
   • Interests
   • Values
   • Skill and ability self-assessment
   • Career information resources
   • Career decision-making
   • One credit hour toward your degree program

CSG 296 - Special Topics in Counseling
Selected topics in the areas of counseling may vary from semester to semester and information will be available during registration. This course may be repeated a maximum of four times when topics are different. This course can be used as an elective toward graduation.