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Scholarships - Complete Listing

General Scholarships

Scholarships with a December Deadline:
Board of Trustees ESL Scholarship

Scholarships with an April Deadline:
Board of Trustees G.E.D. Scholarship
Board of Trustees ESL Scholarship
Leyden Credit Union Scholarship
TCSA - Dr. Douglas Olson Leadership Award
TCSA - Dr. George R. Cox Student Life Scholarship
TCSA - Dr. Quincy Martin III Diversity Excellence Scholarship
Trustee Honors Scholarship

Scholarships with a Tenth Day of the Fall/Spring Semester Deadline:  
UPS Scholarship

Scholarships with a Second Friday of the Fall Semester Deadline:
Classified Association Earl Smith Memorial Scholarship* 
Classified Association Kathy Roman Memorial Scholarship*  
  Classified Association Ken Hoehamer Memorial Scholarship
Pepsi Cola Scholarship  

Scholarships with a November Deadline:
Trustee Honors Scholarship

Triton College Foundation Scholarships 

Scholarships with a February 1 Deadline:
Biancalana Scholarship  Kay Langston Scholarship
Bobbie Tammeling Scholarship Mary C. Kelley Allied Health Scholarship
Cancer Federation Scholarship Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce Scholarship  
Carlos Granados Memorial Scholarship Saluja and Duggal Scholarship
Dr. Annie T. Moore Memorial Scholarship Society of Automotive Tester Technicians Advancement Scholarship  
Dr. Quincy Martin III Achievement Award      Sustainable Agriculture Technology Internship  
Engineering Technology Scholarship Twentieth Century Women's Club Scholarship
Jack Scanlon ESL Scholarship   Joan Lally Musker Memorial Scholarship
JoAnne & Marian Mota Memorial Scholarship    
Scholarships with a June 1 Deadline:
Alumni Legacy Scholarship                 ICCSF Health Trust Scholarship  
Automotive Scholarship                                  Jean McAlpine Powell Memorial Scholarship
ICCSF Healthcare Scholarship                        William Barr Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships with an August 1 Deadline:
Lou Ricchio Memorial Scholarship
Sandy Hamill Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships with a September 1 Deadline:
Biancalana Scholarship     June Sark Heinrich Senior Scholarship  
Carlos Granados Memorial Scholarship   Library Scholarship    
Carol Casten Memorial Scholarship     Mary C. Kelley Allied Health Scholarship 
Dr. Quincy Martin III Achievement Award  Merlyn C. Pontikes Memorial Scholarship  
Engineering Technology Scholarship  Twentieth Century Women's Club Scholarship   
Eugenia P. Zeitlin Future Teachers Scholarship   Winkleblack Scholarship

Scholarships with an October 1 Deadline:
Alumni Legacy Scholarship
Chicago Printing Ink Production Club Scholarship

Scholarships with a November 1 Deadline:
Jean McAlpine Powell Memorial Scholarship

Other Due Dates:
Triton College Faculty Association - Good Student Recognition Scholarship (APPLICATIONS DUE FIRST WEEK IN APRIL)
Triton College Faculty Association - John Boyle Memorial Scholarship (APPLICATIONS DUE FIRST WEEK IN APRIL)
Triton College Mid-Management Union Scholarship*  (APPLICATIONS FOR FALL DUE BY AUG. 10, FOR SPRING DUE BY JAN. 11)

* U.S. Citizenship is required.

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