Affordability: Empowering Value

Dollar for dollar, Triton College offers the greatest return on an investment in your education. Tuition is highly affordable and financial assistance is available. In fact, many degree-seeking students are opting to attend Triton for their first two years of general education courses, then transfer the credits earned to a four-year school, because they can take the same courses here at a cost that’s thousands of dollars less than tuition elsewhere.  

Triton College complies with U.S. Department of Education regulations that require institutions offering career education programs to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.  We provide information that students need to make good choices about the educational program and career that’s right for them, including: 

  • Total program costs 
  • Loan repayment rates 
  • Graduates’ debt-to-earnings ratio 

For more information about the financial aid process and gainful employment data for Triton College career programs,  click here.