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Access to Campus Facilities

College facilities exist to support the institution's principal function of education, research and service. In addition to classrooms, laboratories and offices, the college has food service, recreation, athletic, administrative support, maintenance and utility facilities. The institution generally seeks to maintain open access to its facilities, but it also maintains and exercises the right to restrict access.

For example, access is restricted in certain areas due to security, safety and/or operational reasons. Also, access is restricted during times when the campus is closed, generally, overnight, weekends and holidays. When the campus is closed, a campus officer will provide after-hour access with proper authorization.

In instances where a person, through his/her prior action, has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to conduct him or herself in accordance with college policy or applicable law, that person may be "banned" from campus and denied access to all college property and facilities.

All students and employees are subject to the restrictions set forth in the Board of Trustees approved Triton College Assess/Closure Policy.