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Preparation of Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics

According to the Jeanne Clery Act the Triton College Police Department must gather all pertinent crime information for this report. Our Records Department gathers all the monthly reports from the previous year and breaks them down into certain crime criteria designated by the Act. This information is passed on the the Deputy Chief of Police where it is reviewed. It is then downloaded into the system for review by the federal government and it is then placed onto a website for the general public to review.

Also, letters go out to the River Grove and Melrose Park Police Departments asking them for the statistics of any crime reporting that borders our two campus. This to is reviewed, once received, and then downloaded into the system also.

This process starts in August of every year and must be completed in the month of October.

Finally, our Records Department sends a post card to all residents in District #504 reporting that if they want to see our statistics they would be ready for their review during normal business hours.