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Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

To help provide a secure and safe environment, all members of the Triton College community, and visitors, are expected, requested and encouraged to report any criminal activity or emergency situation. One may contact the Triton College Police Department directly at extension 3206 to file any type of report. Callers may also use the emergency house phones located throughout campus by dialing “11”. All “911” or “9-911” calls from campus extensions or pay phones will be directed to the River Grove Police Department. Those calls will then be referred back the Triton College Police Department for follow-up and investigation.

Campus police are available 24 hours a day and will respond immediately to your location. Response time may be affected by various factors, such as the number and location of available personnel and/or their involvement in other more pressing activities at the time a report is received. Response to a report may also involve other personnel. This “other” personnel may include, the Office of Student Life, Counseling Center, such as in the case of a sexual assault, Safety Office and/or an outside police agency or other agencies.

Persons wishing to report crimes anonymously may do so.