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Timely Warning Reports

The Triton College Police Department will put out timely warnings to students and staff via the Police Department News section of this website. As for severe weather warnings and closures, and other crisis the Department will notify each and every one via the Connect Ed system that everyone has opted in by being a student or staff member at Triton College. Other times the Police Department will broadcast warnings via the PA System that has installed throughout every building on campus.

Also, Triton College has the Thorguard System. This system alerts the College of pending lightning activity within a 25 mile radius of the campus. If you hear a long siren sound that means the air is conducive to lightning. It is suggested that you go inside a building for your protection. If you should hear 3 short siren sounds then an all clear has been presented to you by the Thorguard System.

For further information contact the Triton College Police Department at Ext. 3206 or (708) 456-6911.

Triton College Police - Committed to Public Safety