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Step Four: Put Your Portfolio Together 

A portfolio is a showcase for your achievements and talents, which can be used to show samples of your work, certificates, diplomas, awards, letters of commendation, and so on. It is most often presented in a good quality, three-ring binder and many of the items it contains are inserted in plastic sheet protectors.

Think of it as a sophisticated scrapbook.

What goes into a portfolio:

  • Extra resumes 
  • Letters of reference or recommendations from previous employers, from volunteer work, from work-study programs, internships, summer jobs, peer tutoring, etc. 
  • Transcripts 
  • Academic awards 
  • Copies of educational certificates, diplomas or degrees 
  • Positive performance appraisals
  • E-mails, thank you letters, even handwritten notes complimenting you for a job well done
  • Company announcements of promotions, awards and achievements
  • Documents you may have written or designed, such as brochures, flyers, pamphlets, reports
  • Photographs representing projects you have been involved in
  • Videos highlighting special projects 
  • Anything that will give evidence that you are a good worker and supports “your story”


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