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Step Five: Start the Search with Research 
What’s the best way to kick-start your job search? Research!

This is the step where you learn as much as possible about all the opportunities out there to get a job. And, this step usually starts by making a number of detailed lists, which include:

Friends, colleagues, neighbors, “frenemies” – anyone who can help!

Step Five: Start the Search with Research

  • These are the people who can point you in the right direction and introduce you to the right people. Don’t be afraid to call on people you haven’t seen in a while. Reach out to those who know the contacts that are important for your search.
  • What companies or organizations do you want to work with? Which ones look the most appealing? Who has the most opportunities? Jot them down.
  • A good way to create your own list of employers is to first look at those that already exist. Crain’s Chicago Business, a local publication, and Forbes, a national business-oriented magazine, routinely publish lists of companies by specific industry, such as manufacturing, marketing, healthcare, etc. Crain’s, which can be found in libraries throughout Chicagoland, is the better go-to resource since its focus is local. 
Job sites
  • Yes, definitely include big job sites, such as CareerBuilder and Monster among other favorites. But what about all the other job sites that are more specific to your industry? Whether you work in the medical field, accounting or zoology, there’s bound to be a micro job-site for you.
Other favorite job sites:
  • (see next bullet)
Networking sites
  • Don’t forget about networking sites that help forge bonds and build connections. LinkedIn, a particularly helpful business-oriented social networking site, is a great “place” to meet key contacts, create relationships and learn about great job opportunities. 

Now, that you have done initial research and created invaluable lists, it’s time to look for a job, which includes: looking at current job openings, reaching out to relevant employers to generate interest, and of course, network actively, to identify as many opportunities as possible.


All students, alumni and community members are welcome to use the Triton College online job board after completing the following registration process through a site that has been specially designed by College Central Network:

  • Go to:
  • Select the Student [or Alumni] icon, and read the information and announcements on the next page (Community Members: please use the student icon)
  • Go to the Register Now link
  • Create an Access ID and a Password that you will remember (do not use your Soc. Sec. #)
  • Then click Continue Registration


  • Please complete all requested information on the registration form. Employers will search this information to choose candidates, so be as thorough as possible. 
  • Be sure to select the degree and major and/or career interest that you are pursuing so that the Job Agent can notify you of jobs posted that match your interests.


  • From your homepage, select Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to My School, enter criteria specific to the type of job you are seeking, and then click Begin Search. You may also Search for Jobs in CCN’s Jobs Central, our national job database.
Note: It’s better to use a couple of search terms instead of many. When conducting a job search using CCN, by selecting several search criteria you are narrowing your search and therefore generating fewer job leads. 
  • To monitor your job search, select View My Job Search History from your homepage.
  • From your homepage, complete the Report Offers/Hires when you are offered a job.
  • Review the Career Advice Video Library to get additional job search tips and company info.


  • It is important to post your resume. Recruiters regularly review resumes posted on the College Central Network.
  • On your homepage, select Upload a Resume and follow the instructions. Acceptable formats are listed. If you do not post a resume, employers will not be able to find you when they search for candidates and you may miss out on job opportunities. 
  • When a new resume is uploaded it takes the place of the current resume. Resumes that have not been updated in 18 months will be purged from the database.


  • Choose the Headlines categories that are of interest to you.

You can visit the website 24/7. To login, after selecting the Student icon from the homepage, select Student Central on the next screen. Enter your Access ID and Password. It is important to keep your info updated.



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