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Step Eight: Follow Up and Be Persistent

Job searching is hard work and there are times when you will get discouraged. But if you keep up with it, you can avoid feeling anxious and you will actually have more energy.

If your search is not producing the results that you would like, avoid blaming yourself and try a new strategy. In addition, do not be reluctant to submit your credentials on more than one occasion to an organization for which you would like to work. This attitude demonstrates your enthusiasm and interest.

It is important to write thank you notes and follow-up with the employer every few weeks. Thank-you letters are a great way to strengthen your chances of landing a job.

You should write a thank-you note to each person you interview with as soon as possible after each interview is completed. It makes you stand out among candidates and leaves the employer with a lasting good impression about you.

It is best if you send a handwritten or typed note through the post office mail. An email thank-you should only be sent as a last resort.

There is nothing complicated about writing a thank-you note. So strip away your concerns and follow this simple formula:
The first paragraph should open by thanking the employer for his/her time. Mention the date of the interview along with something he/she might have said during the interview that made you more excited or interested in the position.
The second paragraph should refer to something about your strengths or qualifications that were discussed in the interview. Also mention any additional skills, strengths or experiences that you want to emphasize to strengthen your candidacy. If there are any issues that need further clarification, this is the place to do it.
Close the letter by restating your interest in the position and the company. State your excitement upon hearing from him/her and offer to provide any additional information. You may wish to include your phone number and general times that you are available.
Make sure that you sound sincere. You can sound insincere by gushing (“I just love your company.”) or by being overly generic (“Thank you for your consideration”).

Attached is a sample thank-you note for your review

123 S. Keller Street Apt. #208
River Grove, IL. 60171
Cell: (708) 222-2222 Home (708) 333-333

November 21, 2007

Ms. Jennifer Elliot
American Pharmacy Stores
185 Broadway Street
River Grove, IL. 60171

Dear Ms. Elliot:

Thank you for taking the time to interview me for the Management Trainee position at your American Pharmacy Stores. I enjoyed learning more about this exciting opportunity and the company’s recent acquisition of Foxgrove Pharmacy Stores.

As you recall from our interview, I have experience in management and customer service. In addition, I have taken advance computer classes that complement my degree in Management. I greatly enjoy this career field and wish to apply my interest and knowledge to American Pharmacy Stores.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to interview with you. If you have any further questions, you may reach me at (218) 822-0500. I look forward to speaking with you again soon

Janet Kay Lemon

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