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Professional References

Almost all employers will request a list of references. References are people who can attest to your ability to perform the job you are seeking. Do not send the list of references with your resume unless it is requested that you do so. Bring it to the job interview. Be sure to ask permission from each reference before putting his/her name on your reference sheet. Below are some additional tips.
Use a list of three to five professional references.
Give each reference a copy of your resume and some information on the job for which you are applying.
Always include the reference’s title and professional contact information.
Do not use friends or family members as references. Examples of references include former employers, professors, co-workers, coaches or advisors.
If your references would prefer to be reached via e-mail, list their e-mail addresses. Be sure they check their e-mail frequently.
If an employer asks if they can call your references, let your references know that they will be called. Tell them the name of the person who will be contacting them and the job for which you applied. If possible, give your references a copy of the job description.

Sample Reference Page looks something like this:

Mr. James R. Doe
1234 South Keller Street
River Grove, Illinois 60171

Mr. Raymond Franny
Project Manager
Professional Accounting Services
555 North Elm Avenue
Franklin, Illinois 60601
(312) 555-5555

Dr. Mary Smith
Professor of Management
Triton College
2000 Fifth Avenue
River Grove, Illinois 60171
(708) 456-0300

Mr. Ed Martin
Senior Reporter
1266 West Adams Street
Flossmoor, Illinois 60611

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