Personal Enrichment

Pursue special interests in art, language, culture and wellness. There is something for everyone. Click each class to see the class description, dates, times, and location.

PED C46 - Dancercise with Zumba
REC C05 - Belly Dance I
REC C55 - Belly Dance II
REC C14 - Beginning Line Dancing
REC C26 - Intermediate Line Dancing
REC C36 - Basic Stepping
REC C41 - Intermediate Stepping
REC C42 - Latin Club Dancing
REC C56 - Beginning Ballroom Dancing
REC C57 - Intermediate Ballroom Dancing
REC C98 - Zumba - Gold

CKG C08 - Basic Cooking
CKG C40 - Cooking: Back to the Basics
CKG C68 - Beginning Cake Decorating
CKG C70 - Intermediate Cake Decorating
CKG C71 - Advanced Cake Decorating
CKG C72 - Advanced Cake Decorating with Fondant & Gum Paste

ASL E01 - American Sign Language I (5 AEC)
ASL E02 - American Sign Language II
FRE C01 - French I
FRE C02 - French II
ITL C01 - Italian I
ITL C02 - Italian II
ITL C10 - Elementary Italian
JPN C01 - Japanese I
JPN C02 - Japanese II
POL C01 - Polish I
POL C02 - Polish II
SPN C01 - Spanish I
SPN C02 - Spanish II
SPN C12 - Learn a Little Spanish
SPN C14 - Elementary Spanish I
ONL C20 - Speed Spanish (ONLINE)
ONL C01 - Speed Spanish II (ONLINE)
SPN C22 - Speed Spanish III (ONLINE)

PED C06 - Fitness After Fifty
PED C07 - Beginning Golf
PED C16 - Beginning Swimming for Adults
PED C17 - Intermediate Swimming for Adults
PED C25 - Badminton
PED C49 - Aquacize
PED C52 - Men’s Basketball
PED C54 - Beginning Tai-Chi
REC C18 - Beginning Yoga
REC C24 - Beginning Pilates Mat Class
REC C72 - Children's Beginning Golf (age 6-12)
REC C99 - Qi Gong

ART C16 - Beginning Drawing
ART C71 - Intermediate Drawing
ORN C20 - Easy-living Landscaping for the Home
ORN C23 - Silk Flower Arrangements
ORN C28 - Wedding Designs
ORN C52 - Holiday Floral Arrangements
PHG C02 - Basic Photography
PHG C03 - Intermediate Photography
PHG E42 - Digital Imaging (1.0 AEC)
VIC E10 - Digital Photography (1.5 AEC) (ONLINE)
REC C68 - Basic Bird Watching
WOT C03 - Woodcarving
WOT C14 - Woodcarving II
WOT C05 - Woodworking

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