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Proctoring Services

Online Course Test Proctoring

Students need to make appointments to take proctored exams in the Testing Center. Students are required to arrive 15 minutes early to their scheduled appointment for processing time to complete the verification process prior to entering the test proctoring room. Students needing two or more exams will need to make back-to-back appointments. Appointments can be made by calling (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3252 or 3283 during regular Testing Center office hours.

Make-up Tests

Instructors may leave tests for students who are unable to take a test during regular class time. The instructor provides information on how to administer the test, time allowed, any aides (notes, calculator or open book) and any special instructional needs. 

Proctored Tests

The Testing Center proctors all tests from other colleges or universities on request of students, faculty, colleges and universities. To schedule a proctored exam, please send an e-mail to

Constitution Test

The Testing Center administers the Illinois and U.S. Constitution test for students who need to fill a graduation or GED requirement.