Wondering how to start a new club or organization on campus?

Qualifications: A Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours and have and maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average to be a member of any club or organization. Credit hours and GPA's will be verified at the beginning of each semester.

Application: Before you follow the next six easy steps, you must obtain a Recognition Packet to complete and return to the Office of Student Life. Recognition Packets can be obtained by the Office of Student Life front desk, B-120 or simply go to the section under forms to view and and print the Recognition Packet.

Here are six easy steps for you to follow:
1. MEMBERS: Share your club ideas with other students to recruit a minimum of 10 members who are interested in joining your organization. If it is an academic organization (e.g. Philosophy Club, Nursing Club, etc.), be sure to contact students taking courses related to those fields.

2. ADVISOR: All official clubs and organizations are required to have an advisor. An advisor must be a Triton College faculty member, mid-manager or administrator. Your second step should be to survey the faculty and find a member who is interested in advising your organization and will benefit your organization.

3. MEETING: Reserve a room through the Office of Student Life and schedule a meeting. Promote your meeting using the Triton College policies and all marketing materials available to you. The purpose of this meeting should be to discuss future meeting times and locations, the purpose of the organization, membership and recruitment, structure of the organization and other topics that may be necessary. Your advisor should be present at this meeting in order to meet all prospective members, exchange contact information and assist in developing the organization. Hold additional meetings if necessary.

4. PACKET: Complete the Club and Organization Recognition Packet. Draft a constitution which states the purpose, guidelines and policies of your club or organization. If this is a returning club or organization, a constitution may not be necessary if one has previously been submitted.

5. REVIEW: After working with your advisor and other prospective members of the club or organization, submit your Club and Organization Recognition Application and constitution for review to the Office of Student Life.

6. APPROVAL: Once the Club and Organization Recognition Application has been reviewed and formally approved, the Office of Student Life will send the president and advisor a letter of recognition. The president and another member of the club or organization are then required to attend a Club and Organization Orientation Session. Orientation Sessions are scheduled through the Office of Student Life.

For more information on clubs and organizations please contact Ricky Ascencio, Program Assistant for Clubs and Organizations, at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3221 or at ricardoascencio@triton.edu.

   • Recognition Packet
   • An Organizational Constitution is...
   • Sample Constitution
All items above must be submitted to Ricky Ascencio, Program Assistant of Clubs & Organization in Room, B-240J.

Why should I start a club?
There are many benefits to starting a club at Triton College.
   • Meet new friends
   • Get to know the campus
   • Develop leadership skills for your resume and scholarship applications
   • Engage with faculty, other members of active organizations and the community
   • Develop networks with other community colleges for student involvement

What benefits and resources will I have available as a new club?
   • Access to room scheduling for meetings and events
   • Assistance with publicity
   • Tools for recruitment and fundraising
   • Funding and transportation for club activities and much more!!!

* Review the CampusNet Handbook for further information on resources.

When can I begin?
In order to begin using your benefits and resources as a new club on campus, be sure to complete the six easy steps as listed above for official recognition.

For further assistance please contact Ricky Ascencio, Program Assistant for Clubs & Organizations at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3221 or at ricardoascencio@triton.edu.

Student Center Building, Room B-240 | (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3383
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