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Retirement Series for Future and Current Retirees

As retirement nears, many future and current retirees realize that they have many unanswered questions, increasing the anxiety that comes with retirement. Continuing Education at Triton College has designed three low-cost three-hour programs especially for those who are not sure about the realities of retirement. Each of our courses are three hours long, convene on Saturdays, and cost just $10. For more information on location and time please visit our homepage and download the current Continuing Education Guide.

Please take a look at our three retirement courses below...

The New Retirement Reality and Rescue Strategies (RET C01)
A lot has changed in the last five years for people entering retirement or for those already retired. Uncertainty and a changing landscape have ruled the day. Part I of this seminar, The New Retirement Reality, will explore how retirement is changing and what it is likely to look like in the years to come. Part II of this seminar, Retirement Rescue Strategies, will focus on what you can do today to take control of the changes in the retirement landscape. From investments and income planning to legal documents and long-term care this course will show you what you need to do to create a comfortable retirement now and in the future.

Health Care in Retirement (RET C02)
Health Care in retirement can seem like a complex maze. This course is designed to help students understand Medicare Parts A&B, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, Medicaid and Long-Term Care insurance. A basic under- standing of these health care options will help students make in- formed decisions and maximize any health care related benefits.

Saving Smart and Investing for Retirement
(RET C03)
Saving and investing for people at or near retirement is very different from any saving or investing you have ever done. In retirement you need income, less risk and lower volatility to sleep well at night. Few people actually adjust their portfolios to reflect these changing needs. Saving smart and investing for retirement takes and in depth look at the various savings vehicles and investment products. Students will learn to analyze income potential, risk and liquidity of various investment products.

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