College Council
Business Services Functional Committee Minutes of November 23, 2009

Business Services Functional Committee

We discussed the following topics at our meeting.

Master Plan as standing Agenda Item.
o Reviewed timeline for 2nd quarter status reports. These are due to area VP’s 12/7/09.
o Discussed importance of the assessment component of the FY2010 initiatives and impact that this can have on continued funding.
o Discussed how collaboration for new Master Plan initiatives should be taking place now. This collaboration should be vertical and horizontal.

Budget Planning FY2011
o Discussed how training is now available in PDC for Budget Basics.
o Pat Zinga asked how budgeting of Office Supplies would be done this year. Past two years the Business Office has budgeted departmental Office Supply amounts. AVP Kennedy said that an assessment is being done and will be discussed at President’s Cabinet.

Electronic Requisitions
o Training available in PDC
o Had discussion related to electronic signatures and whether or not requisition will be eliminated in future. AVP Kennedy said the goal if possible is to eliminate the hard copy requisition, but there are still some technical issues that need to be worked out.

Phone Related Issues
o Financial Aid Call Center Applications – Looking to set up a small call center within FIA to handle large volume of calls during peak registration times. Goal is to get this done in December.
o AVP Kennedy also said that we are looking at feasibility of moving the main switchboard from Bldg. A to Bldg. B.

Konica Minolta Lease Renewal
o Working with Konica Minolta to finalize new 5-year lease. Would include the installation of (56) new copiers over the holiday break. Also looking at the electronic submission of copy requests to Staff Services. AVP Kennedy will be discussing this with Konica and Network Services.

Emergency Notification System
o System is nearing completion and will provide speakers in on every floor, in every building. Also includes speakers on outside of building.

December Meeting (December 16th)
o The December 16th BSFC meeting will include a Meet & Greet from 1:30 – 2:00 pm. This will give people opportunity to meet members of the Business Services Functional Committee prior to its regularly scheduled meeting as 2:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to stay for the meeting at 2:00 pm.

Other (Hot Topics)
o There were no hot topics.