BUS E24 Employee Benefits; Concepts and Health Care Benefits

The coverage of health care benefits begins with a discussion of the environment of health care and health care plans, followed by health plan designs and cost-control techniques. An assignment is devoted to the managed care spectrum as well as one to the health care cost equation. Other assignments cover evaluating and selecting health and managed care plans, maintaining and improving employee health, medical benefits for retirees, and long-term care. Dental plans and specialized benefits—behavioral health, prescription drugs, vision, and hearing care plans—also are covered as is the timely topic of consumer-driven health plans, including health reimbursement accounts and health savings accounts. The course concludes with quality health care purchasing and vendor management, as well as fiduciary liability and ethical responsibility. Successful completion of this class earns credit toward both the GBA designation and overall CEBS certification Price $399 plus applicacble fees  

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