BUS E27 Human Resources and Compensation Management

Today's competitive global world is extremely dependent on highly skilled and technologically adept workers. Employee benefits continue to be an integral part of the human resource and compensation management functions of an organization. The first part provides an overview of human resource management, including a discussion of internal and external factors affecting supervision. The legal and managerial requirements that human resource and compensation decisions be made in a nondiscriminatory manner are examined, the processes for carrying out effective recruitment and retention are presented, and issues related to creating effective training and development programs and dependable performance assessment systems are emphasized. The course continues with assignments covering such topics as incentive programs, total compensation approaches and strategies for their implementation, and employee rights and the applications of such right in disciplinary, discharge and termination situations. One assignment is devoted to labor relations, a critical function in many human resource departments. The collective bargaining process, the motivations for employees to organize, the legislative and administrative roles of the government in this process, and the impact of unionization on employers are covered in this assignment. The course concludes with a discussion of specific practices and policies of human resource management that are needed to support high-performance work systems. Successful completion of this class earns credit toward both the CMS designation and overall CEBS certification.Price $399 plus applicable fees  

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