CIS 101◊ Introduction to Computer Science

An overview of computer science and systems topics are presented. Programming languages, software development life cycle (SDLC), databases, computer science and society, computer hardware, system protocols, the Internet, software and problem solving using word processing, spreadsheet, database presentation and Internet application software are studied. (Formerly Introduction to Business Computer Systems) IAI: BUS 902

Credit Hours: 3.0
Lecture Hours: 2.0
Lab Hours: 2.0
Course Fee Required

Course offerings

Sections of CIS101 at Term: Spring 2013 (136)

Start Time
End Time
Start Date
End Date
CIS101001INTRO COMP SCI FLINT, DAV01/23/1305/15/13 
11 Open Seats 08:00 AM08:50 AMMW M 123ABook Info
  09:00 AM09:50 AMMW M 123A 
CIS101002INTRO COMP SCI TAYLOR, KH01/23/1305/15/13 
9 Open Seats 09:00 AM09:50 AMMW M 133 Book Info
  10:00 AM10:50 AMMW M 133  
CIS101003INTRO COMP SCI ANDERSON, 01/23/1305/15/13 
6 Open Seats 10:00 AM10:50 AMMW M 123ABook Info
  11:00 AM11:50 AMMW M 123A 
CIS101004INTRO COMP SCI PIELET, RO01/23/1305/15/13 
16 Open Seats 06:00 PM06:50 PMMW M 123ABook Info
  07:00 PM07:50 PMMW M 123A 
CIS101005INTRO COMP SCI ANDERSON, 01/25/1305/17/13 
11 Open Seats 10:00 AM11:50 AMF M 123ABook Info
  12:00 N 01:50 PMF M 123A 
CIS101006INTRO COMP SCI PIELET, RO01/25/1305/17/13 
16 Open Seats 06:00 PM07:50 PMF M 123ABook Info
  08:00 PM09:50 PMF M 123A 
CIS101007INTRO COMP SCI ONDANDE, J01/24/1305/16/13 
18 Open Seats 08:00 AM08:50 AMTuTh M 127 Book Info
  09:00 AM09:50 AMTuTh M 127  
CIS101008INTRO COMP SCI ONDANDE, J01/24/1305/16/13 
10 Open Seats 10:00 AM10:50 AMTuTh M 123 Book Info
  11:00 AM11:50 AMTuTh M 123  
CIS101009INTRO COMP SCI TAYLOR, KH01/24/1305/16/13 
6 Open Seats 12:00 N 01:50 PMTuTh M 123 Book Info
CIS101010INTRO COMP SCI PIELET, RO01/29/1305/14/13 
6 Open Seats 06:00 PM09:50 PMTu M 142IBook Info
CIS101011INTRO COMP SCI PAREDES, S01/24/1305/16/13 
9 Open Seats 06:00 PM09:50 PMTh M 142IBook Info
CIS101062INT COMP SCI2/7ALVINO, FR04/05/1305/17/13 
9 Open Seats 12:00 N 01:50 PMSa M 127 Book Info
  06:00 PM07:50 PMF M 127  
  08:00 PM09:50 PMF M 127  
CIS101070INTRO COMP SCI ANDERSON, 01/23/1305/17/13 
7 Open Seats TBA TBA  M 103 Book Info
CIS101071INTRO COMP SCI ANDERSON, 01/23/1305/17/13 
9 Open Seats TBA TBA  M 103 Book Info
CIS101072INTRO COMP SCI STEFANSKI,01/23/1305/17/13 
9 Open Seats TBA TBA  M 103 Book Info
CIS101800INTRO COMP SCI ALLEE, DOU01/23/1305/17/13 
16 Open Seats 08:00 AM08:48 AMMTuWThF OP 304 Book Info
CIS101801INTRO COMP SCI ALLEE, DOU01/23/1305/17/13 
20 Open Seats 08:53 AM09:46 AMMTuWThF OP 304 Book Info
CIS101802INTRO COMP SCI ALLEE, DOU01/25/1305/17/13 
18 Open Seats 02:16 PM03:04 PMMF OP 304 Book Info