AUT C01 Adult Driver Education Classroom and Behind the Wheel

You must be 18 years or older, all fees must be paid and attend every class unless an excusedabsence. You will need to make arrangements for transportation to and from the high school.Both classroom and behind the wheel phase will take place at the field house at the highschool. This course will consist of two phases including nine weeks classroom and six hours of behind the wheel (shared riding time with another student). In the classroom students willcover the Rules of the Road Book and the Drive Right Book in preparation for the state writtentest. To receive your driving permit you must pass the written test and pay a $20 fee to the Secretary of State. The test and application for your permit will be facilitated in class andthrough the instructor. You will move on to the driving phase once you obtain a driving permit.This phase will include six one-hour driving lessons (shared with another student) coveringbasic car control, turns, backing up, changing lanes, angle parking, driving in heavy traffic,three-point-turns and turnabouts. After the six hours of driving, any additional hours will be$20 an hour. You can make arrangements with the instructor.