PED C37 Total Fitness Center

Whether you’re male or female, in or out of shape, by participating in our total fitness program, you’ll get an exercise prescription that’s just perfect for you. A personalized computer assessment will establish a blend of workouts on Universal exercise machines, aerobic bicycles and the indoor track to maximize the results of your exercise time. Join the fun, and enjoy the results. Must attend first four sessions. For course sections numbered 101 and above, the course may be taken for college credit. All lower numbered sections are noncredit only.

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Course offerings

Sections of PEDC37 at Term: Spring 2013 (136)

Start Time
End Time
Start Date
End Date
PEDC37102TOTAL FITNESS THOMSEN, C01/23/1305/15/13 
Full 07:00 AM07:50 AMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37103TOTAL FITNESS THOMSEN, C01/23/1305/15/13 
Full 08:00 AM08:50 AMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37104TOTAL FITNESS RODRIGUEZ,01/23/1305/15/13 
Full 09:00 AM09:50 AMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37105TOTAL FITNESS RODRIGUEZ,01/23/1305/15/13 
Full 10:00 AM10:50 AMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37107TOTAL FITNESS HOWARD, JA01/23/1305/15/13 
Full 12:00 N 12:50 PMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37109TOTAL FITNESS ANZONA, CH01/23/1305/15/13 
Full 05:00 PM05:50 PMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37110TOTAL FITNESS ANZONA, CH01/23/1305/15/13 
1 Open Seat 06:00 PM06:50 PMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37111TOTAL FITNESS ANZONA, CH01/23/1305/15/13 
Full 07:00 PM07:50 PMMW R 101 Book Info
PEDC37112TOTAL FITNESS SCHMIDT, A01/24/1305/16/13 
Full 07:00 AM07:50 AMTuTh R 101 Book Info
PEDC37113TOTAL FITNESS SCHMIDT, A01/24/1305/16/13 
Full 08:00 AM08:50 AMTuTh R 101 Book Info
PEDC37114TOTAL FITNESS SCHMIDT, A01/24/1305/16/13 
Full 09:00 AM09:50 AMTuTh R 101 Book Info
PEDC37115TOTAL FITNESS SCHMIDT, A01/24/1305/16/13 
Full 10:00 AM10:50 AMTuTh R 101 Book Info
PEDC37119TOTAL FITNESS ANZONA, CH01/24/1305/16/13 
Full 05:00 PM05:50 PMTuTh R 101 Book Info
PEDC37120TOTAL FITNESS ANZONA, CH01/24/1305/16/13 
Full 06:00 PM06:50 PMTuTh R 101 Book Info