CKG C10 Vegetarian Cuisine — Great Dining with Wholefood

A new kind of ‘veggie’ course, this whole-foods class focuses on cooking skills; basic food science; preparing and shopping a menu; general nutrition; and good, healthy, enjoyable eating that is low fat and enticing. You’ll learn that vegetarian cooking goes beyond bean sprouts and nuts by exploring the broad selections and imaginative combinations used to produce incredibly palatable main and side dishes as well as delectable desserts. If you’ve ever contemplated shifting your diet away from meats, trying to eat lighter and a bit more sensibly, or just looking for tasteful ways to add more vegetarian dishes to your diet, come join us and pick up some delightful vegetarian gourmet tips and satisfying menu alternatives. (Dairy products may be used in this course.) $17.00 materials fee. 

Course Fee Required Prerequisites