HIS 151◊ History of the United States to 1877

Political, social, economic and cultural forces that have shaped American history from colonial times through the Reconstruction era are presented. IAI: S2 900 

Credit Hours: 3.0
Lecture Hours: 3.0

Course offerings

Sections of HIS151 at Term: Spring 2013 (136)

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End Date
HIS151001HIST US TO 1877PARKER, NE01/23/1305/17/13 
Full 10:00 AM10:50 AMMWF F 311 Book Info
HIS151002HIST US TO 1877GRAY, RHON01/23/1305/17/13 
3 Open Seats 11:00 AM11:50 AMMWF E 135 Book Info
HIS151003HIST US TO 1877BRAZILE, L01/23/1305/15/13 
16 Open Seats 12:00 N 01:15 PMMW F 206 Book Info
HIS151004HIST US TO 1877PARKER, NE01/23/1305/15/13 
12 Open Seats 01:30 PM02:45 PMMW J 101 Book Info
HIS151005US TO 1877 2/7HUNTER, RO03/25/1305/15/13 
15 Open Seats 01:30 PM04:15 PMMW F 115 Book Info
HIS151006HIST US TO 1877SMITH, SCO01/28/1305/13/13 
6 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMM F 315 Book Info
HIS151007HIST US TO 1877VISTAIN, V01/24/1305/16/13 
2 Open Seats 09:30 AM10:45 AMTuTh I 106 Book Info
HIS151008HIST US TO 1877SCOTT, COR01/24/1305/16/13 
1 Open Seat 11:00 AM12:15 PMTuTh E 202 Book Info
HIS151009HIST US TO 1877KNOL, PATR01/24/1305/16/13 
20 Open Seats 12:30 PM01:45 PMTuTh E 311 Book Info
HIS151010HIST US TO 1877CONNOR, RO01/24/1305/16/13 
10 Open Seats 05:30 PM06:45 PMTuTh F 207 Book Info
HIS151070HIST US TO 1877KNOL, PATR01/23/1305/17/13 
19 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 107 Book Info
HIS151071HIST US TO 1877BROPHY, CH01/30/1305/17/13 
17 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 107 Book Info