PSC 150◊ American National Politics

This course includes a presentation and examination of the leading institutions of American National Politics: the Congress, Presidency, Federal Courts, the Bureaucracy; the importance of the media, public opinion, political parties and interest groups; the historical circumstances surrounding the adoption of the U. S. Constitution; the civil liberties, civil rights and due process provisions in the U. S. Constitution; the activities of the national government in foreign and defense policy, environmental protection, management of the economy and economic regulation. Meets requirements of U.S. Senate Bill 195. IAI: S5 900 

Credit Hours: 3.0
Lecture Hours: 3.0

Course offerings

Sections of PSC150 at Term: Spring 2013 (136)

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PSC150001AMR NAT POLITICDECKER, BI01/23/1305/17/13 
18 Open Seats 09:00 AM09:50 AMMWF F 102 Book Info
PSC150002AMR NAT POLITICDECKER, BI01/23/1305/17/13 
8 Open Seats 10:00 AM10:50 AMMWF E 135 Book Info
PSC150003AMR NAT POLITICDECKER, BI01/23/1305/17/13 
3 Open Seats 11:00 AM11:50 AMMWF F 315 Book Info
PSC150004AMR NAT POLITICPINNAU, GL01/28/1305/13/13 
16 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMM E 304 Book Info
PSC150005AMR NAT POLITICDECKER, BI01/24/1305/16/13 
4 Open Seats 09:30 AM10:45 AMTuTh E 307 Book Info
PSC150006AMR NAT POLITICHUNT, DAVI01/24/1305/16/13 
5 Open Seats 11:00 AM12:15 PMTuTh F 111 Book Info
PSC150007AM NAT POLIT2/7HUNT, DAVI03/26/1305/16/13 
17 Open Seats 12:30 PM03:15 PMTuTh F 206 Book Info
PSC150008AMR NAT POLITICKLOVENS, D01/29/1305/14/13 
13 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMTu E 304 Book Info
PSC150070AMR NAT POLITICKNOL, PATR01/23/1305/17/13 
23 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 107 Book Info