PSY 100◊ Introduction to Psychology

A survey of the study of human and non-human behavior, as well as the biological and mental processes that underlie behavior, with an emphasis on the scientific nature of contemporary psychological investigation. Topics covered include an historical overview of psychology and its major theoretical perspectives, the relationship between theory and empirical research, neurological processes, sensation and perception, motivation, emotion, learning, memory, cognition, life-span development, personality, abnormal behavior, therapy, social behavior and individual differences. IAI: S6 900

Credit Hours: 3.0
Lecture Hours: 3.0

Course offerings

Sections of PSY100 at Term: Spring 2013 (136)

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End Time
Start Date
End Date
PSY100001INTRO TO PSYCH ANDRESS, C01/23/1305/17/13 
15 Open Seats 08:00 AM08:50 AMMWF F 116 Book Info
PSY100002INTRO TO PSYCH ANDRESS, C01/23/1305/17/13 
4 Open Seats 09:00 AM09:50 AMMWF F 116 Book Info
PSY100003INTRO TO PSYCH ANDRESS, C01/23/1305/17/13 
12 Open Seats 10:00 AM10:50 AMMWF F 115 Book Info
PSY100004INTRO TO PSYCH GIOVENCO-B01/23/1305/17/13 
1 Open Seat 11:00 AM11:50 AMMWF F 307 Book Info
PSY100005INTRO TO PSYCH IMBURGIA, 01/23/1305/15/13 
9 Open Seats 10:00 AM11:15 AMMW F 208 Book Info
PSY100006INTRO TO PSYCH DEMOS, MAR01/23/1305/15/13 
2 Open Seats 11:00 AM12:15 PMMW M 124 Book Info
PSY100007INTRO TO PSYCH GIOVENCO-B01/23/1305/15/13 
7 Open Seats 12:00 N 01:15 PMMW F 307 Book Info
PSY100008INTRO TO PSY2/7HALLAK, NA03/25/1305/15/13 
10 Open Seats 12:00 N 02:45 PMMW F 309 Book Info
PSY100009INTRO TO PSYCH DEMOS, MAR01/23/1305/15/13 
3 Open Seats 01:00 PM02:15 PMMW M 124 Book Info
PSY100010INTRO TO PSYCH CORBETT, S01/23/1305/15/13 
3 Open Seats 02:00 PM03:15 PMMW E 304 Book Info
PSY100011INTRO TO PSYCH CORBETT, S01/23/1305/15/13 
9 Open Seats 03:30 PM04:45 PMMW E 201 Book Info
PSY100012INTRO TO PSYCH GIOVENCO-B01/23/1305/15/13 
20 Open Seats 05:00 PM06:15 PMMW E 202 Book Info
PSY100013INTRO TO PSYCH WILLIAMS, 01/28/1305/13/13 
16 Open Seats 02:00 PM04:45 PMM F 311 Book Info
PSY100014INTRO TO PSYCH WILLIAMS, 01/28/1305/13/13 
3 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMM J 101 Book Info
PSY100015INTRO TO PSYCH MISRA, SAB01/23/1305/15/13 
4 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMW F 312 Book Info
PSY100016INTRO TO PSYCH SURDO, MAR01/24/1305/16/13 
2 Open Seats 09:30 AM10:45 AMTuTh E 302 Book Info
PSY100017INTRO TO PSYCH MALLETT, K01/24/1305/16/13 
2 Open Seats 09:30 AM10:45 AMTuTh F 116 Book Info
PSY100018INTRO TO PSYCH MALLETT, K01/24/1305/16/13 
4 Open Seats 11:00 AM12:15 PMTuTh F 315 Book Info
PSY100019INTRO TO PSYCH NEMCHAUSKY01/24/1305/16/13 
4 Open Seats 12:30 PM01:45 PMTuTh F 116 Book Info
PSY100020INTRO TO PSYCH ROSANOVA, 01/24/1305/16/13 
20 Open Seats 05:00 PM06:15 PMTuTh R 314 Book Info
PSY100021INTRO TO PSY2/7GRUSZECZKI03/26/1305/16/13 
7 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMTuTh F 207 Book Info
PSY100022INTRO TO PSYCH ELLISON, J01/29/1305/14/13 
8 Open Seats 01:00 PM03:45 PMTu E 201 Book Info
PSY100023INTRO TO PSYCH MATHEW, BE01/29/1305/14/13 
14 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMTu D 312 Book Info
PSY100024INTRO TO PSYCH MATSON, CA01/24/1305/16/13 
15 Open Seats 09:30 AM12:15 PMTh F 305 Book Info
PSY100026INTRO TO PSYCH FRANK, JAM01/24/1305/16/13 
14 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMTh E 201 Book Info
PSY100027INTRO TO PSYCH MEYERS, BR01/26/1305/11/13 
15 Open Seats 09:00 AM11:45 AMSa F 315 Book Info
PSY100028INTRO TO PSYCH MALLETT, K01/24/1305/16/13 
1 Open Seat 08:00 AM09:15 AMTuTh F 109 Book Info
PSY100070INTRO TO PSYCH CARVAJAL, 01/23/1305/17/13 
14 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 101 Book Info
PSY100071INTRO TO PSYCH CARVAJAL, 01/23/1305/17/13 
13 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 101 Book Info
PSY100073INTRO TO PSYCH CARVAJAL, 01/23/1305/17/13 
15 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 101 Book Info
PSY100074INTRO PSYCH 12WWRIGHT, TR02/18/1305/15/13 
11 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 101 Book Info
PSY100075INTRO TO PSY2/7MATSON, CA03/25/1305/17/13 
15 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 101 Book Info
PSY100076INTRO TO PSY2/7DEGRADO, F03/25/1305/17/13 
17 Open Seats TBA TBA  D 101 Book Info