RES E50 Professional Interior Redesign

HGTV and other television networks have made this unconventional approach to “traditional” interior design the preferred method among savvy homeowners. By utilizing what the homeowner already owns and loves, students will learn to create space that serves as both functional for the family and one filled with comfort and harmony. Interior redesign is the most cost-effective service for achieving a designer look at an affordable price. To design effectively, it is essential to understand the fundamentals. This intensive foundation course is a professional training program that provides a framework for your creative talents and gives you the inspiration and confidence to tackle your own decorating projects. Students will learn how to redesign living spaces, identify key interior design mistakes, choose or create design focal points, group accessories, and make flawless color decisions. Whether you are considering a career in interior redesign or wish to utilize your design skills in your own home or for friends and family, this course will provide design secrets that you can immediately implement to make a tremendous difference in the home.