RHT 086 Introduction to College Reading II

This course covers the development of reading and study skills necessary for comprehending college textbooks. Strategies emphasized are those needed for success in content courses.  

Credit Hours: 3.0
Lecture Hours: 3.0
Reading Assessment Test

Course offerings

Sections of RHT086 at Term: Spring 2013 (136)

Start Time
End Time
Start Date
End Date
RHT086001*IN CL RD II/LCMUSKER, MA01/23/1305/17/13 
9 Open Seats 09:00 AM09:50 AMMWF E 307 Book Info
RHT086002*IN COL READ IIWRIGHT, RE01/23/1305/17/13 
4 Open Seats 10:00 AM10:50 AMF F 305 Book Info
  10:00 AM10:50 AMMW F 203  
RHT086003*IN COL READ IIWRIGHT, RE01/23/1305/17/13 
20 Open Seats 11:00 AM11:50 AMMWF F 206 Book Info
RHT086004*IN COL READ IIDEREEF, PA01/23/1305/17/13 
13 Open Seats 01:00 PM01:50 PMMWF F 111 Book Info
RHT086005*IN COL READ IIKRAHENBUHL01/23/1305/15/13 
5 Open Seats 11:00 AM12:15 PMM E 209 Book Info
  11:00 AM12:15 PMW M 142E 
RHT086006*IN COL READ IIKRAHENBUHL01/23/1305/15/13 
9 Open Seats 01:00 PM02:15 PMMW M 135 Book Info
RHT086008*IN COL READ IIPOINTER, K01/23/1305/15/13 
11 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMW E 302 Book Info
RHT086009*IN COL READ IIKRAHENBUHL01/24/1305/16/13 
6 Open Seats 09:30 AM10:45 AMTuTh G 204 Book Info
RHT086010*IN COL READ IIKRAHENBUHL01/24/1305/16/13 
6 Open Seats 11:00 AM12:15 PMTuTh M 133 Book Info
RHT086013*IN COL READ IIDRAGIN, AL01/29/1305/14/13 
10 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMTu F 116 Book Info
RHT086014*IN COL READ IIDRAGIN, AL01/24/1305/16/13 
14 Open Seats 07:00 PM09:45 PMTh E 304 Book Info
RHT086016*IN COL READ IIBROWN-SMIT01/24/1305/16/13 
11 Open Seats 08:00 AM09:15 AMTuTh E 307 Book Info
RHT086017*IN COL READ IIPIERCE, DO01/23/1305/15/13 
15 Open Seats 04:00 PM05:15 PMMW D 124 Book Info