BUS E05 Fostering Diversity and Respect

This course will help managers create a respectful workplace by applying M.E.E.T. (M - Make time to discuss; E - Explore differences; E - Encourage respect; T - Take personal responsibility) to resolve issues and build respect. Tapping into the richness of a diverse workforce can create a compelling advantage. With the right knowledge, tools, attitudes and skills, organizations can help change individual behaviors and strengthen how people work together. This course shows employees what it means to be culturally competent and how to apply the F.A.I.R. approach to real-life business situations. This program applies the M.E.E.T. approach to the complexities of effectively working in and managing a multigenerational workforce. Employees and managers gain insights, strategies and skills that help minimize generational conflict and strengthen collaboration; recognize, respond to, and resolve situations arising from individual and cultural differences.