Triton College Police Department
Daily Incident Log - May 2004

This information is also available in the police department lobby, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  The information is held in the lobby for 60 days.


For those not having access to the daily log through the Internet, and requesting any portion of the log beyond 60 days, the information will be made accessible within two business days of a request for public inspection. 

Date Time
(24 hr)
Nature of Call Location Disposition
04-0451 05/01/04 1412 Found Articles - 3 Rings were turned in Health Building Owner unknown
04-0452 05/01/04 1732 Suspicious Vehicle - Ofc. observed vehicle in parking lot. "I" Lot (East Lot) Individual was found sleeping in car. Asked to leave and he complied.
04-0453 05/01/04 2209 Found Articles - Glasses w/case and wallet were turned in. College Center Link Owner was contacted.
04-0454 05/03/04 1951 Found Articles - IL Driver's License Front Street Owner was contacted.
04-0455 05/03/05 2019 Medical Assist - employee injured her arm while working in the cafeteria. College Center- Cafeteria Victim transported to Gottlieb Hospital ER.
04-0456 05/04/04 0909 Suspended Driver's License - No red taillights - No Insurance. 1st & Strieby Subject was arrested and posted $200.00 cash bond.
04-0457 05/04/04 1203 Abandonment of Motor Vehicle  J-Lot Vehicle was ticketed and towed by Village Towing..
04-0458 05/04/05 1314 Theft Under $300 - Employee reported money missing from his area, possibly by another employee. E-116 Report on file and being investigated
04-0459 05/04/04 1314 Disorderly conduct - Victim received an insulting e-mail form offender.  H-109 Report on file and pending.
04-0460 05/05/04 0857 Public Complaint - Abortion protesters picketing on campus. 5th Ave. & Hemmingway Subjects were informed to stay on sidewalk off campus and not to block traffic. They complied
04-0461 05/05/04 2000 Suspicious Person - Triton Police Officer observed suspicious person checking cars in parking lot. D-Lot Officer investigated and subj. left campus.
04-0462 05/06/04 2300 Found Articles - A cell phone was turned in. Advanced Technology 142 Item was released to owner.
04-0463 05/07/04 0944 Animal Complaint -  Officer assisted maintenance in removal of a bat from building. Science/liberal Arts Animal was caught with a net and set free.
04-0464 05/07/04 1004 Disturbance - Student reported several other students were being loud during ongoing classes. Liberal Arts 2nd Flr Upon arrival, subjects were GOA.
04-0465 05/07/04 1056 Suspicious Person - Cook County Sheriff's Officer reported suspicious person looking into window of parked cars. H-Lot Upon officer's arrival, subject was found, questioned and released.
04-0466 05/07/04 1310 Foul Odor - Student reported a smell of smoke in the area. College Center Upon Officer's arrival, no smell of smoke was found.
04-0467 05/07/04 1730 Assist Other P.D. - RGPD reported a 911 hang-up from Triton College.  LRC 911 board did not sound and upon officer's arrival, no one was in area, cause for call unknown.
04-0468 05/07/04 2250 Found Articles - Driver's license was turned in. Robert Collins Released to Owner.
04-0469 05/09/04 1416 Suspicious Person - Officer approached suspicious person walking on campus. 5th Ave. & Botanical Garden Subject was asked to leave the premise and did so.
04-0470 05/09/04 0727 Suspicious Person - Police communications reported viewing 2 male subjects on TCPD's CCTV system. Botanical Gardens Upon officer's arrival, both subjects were contracted by Mr. Benson to do some brick work in the garden.
04-0471 05/09/04 0842 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in the area. Advanced Technology 114 Area found secure.  Cause for alarm unknown.
04-0472 05/09/04 0941 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in area.  A male subject was in the area. Science Subject was spoken to by officer and asked to leave campus, he complied.
04-0473 05/09/04 1705 Notification - Officer reported a broken/missing locking mechanism on the West Side door. Physical Plant Bldg. (West-Side Door) Engineer notified.  Will be repaired next business day.
04-0474 05/09/04 1713 Assist Other P.D. (River Grove) -  
Officer reported an assist for RGPD.
1st Ave. & Cut Off. R/O assisted with Traffic only.  RGPD had a 10-50.
04-0475 05/09/04 1807 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in area. College Center No one was found in area.  It was later discovered that maintenance was waxing the floors earlier.
04-0476 05/11/04 1348 Disturbance - Student reported that unknown M/B threw a cigarette butt at her when she refused to talk to him and then proceeded to try to run him over with her car. B-Lot Officer spoke with the student and she declined to file complaints at this time.  No images were found on the CCTV system.
04-0477 05/12/04 0959 Assist Medical - Staff reported that a student fainted. S-308 Upon Sgt. and Nurse's arrival, subject regained consciousness and refused further help.
04-0478 05/12/04 1006 Disorderly Conduct - Student reported that she was being harassed by a Triton College Employee. C-100 Advanced Tech. Employee identified, referred to Human Resources.
04-0479 05/12/04 1025 911 System Activation - Alarm sounded in area. S-116 No emergencies in area.  Alarm reset.
04-0480 05/12/04 1407 Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories -  Staff reported that 5 lug nuts had been taken from her vehicle. Hemmingway Drive West of JTI. Offender unknown.  Case Pending.
04-0481 05/12/04 1818 Suspicious Person - Anonymous Citizen reported a suspicious person. Stadium Upon Officer's arrival, no one was found. 
04-0482 05/12/04 1915 Assist Other P.D. - Officer reported an assist for RGPD 1810 N. 5th Ave. Officer assisted RGPD with a burglar alarm.
04-0483 05/13/04 0628 Fire Alarm - Alarm sounded in area. Robert Collins Upon arrival, no fire was found.
04-0484 05/13/04 1310 Disturbance - Student reported numerous subjects being loud. College Center 100 Upon officer's arrival, subjects were asked to quiet down and complied.
04-0485 05/14/04 1543 Motorist Assist - Officer assisted with getting vehicle off the road. 5th Ave. & Hemmingway Dr. Vehicle was successfully removed.
04-0486 05/14/04 1633 Traffic Accident P.D.O. -  Assist Other PD. Officer reported a minor accident involving two cars. 5th Ave. & Hemmingway Dr. Both parties were advised to contact RGPD.
04-0487 05/15/04 1700 Public Complaint - Hit & Run -  
Officer reported a Hit and Run.
C-Lot Officer reported that the Hit and Run did not occur on campus.
04-0488 05/15/04 1710 Found Articles - Illinois Driver's license turned in. Advanced Technology 142 Released to owner.
04-0489 05/15/04 1710 Found Articles - Nokia cell phone was turned in. Advanced Technology 142 Released to owner.
04-0490 05/15/04 1802 Assist Citizen - Communications was notified by RGPD that there was a possible suicide attempt on campus. 1619 S. Oak Park Ave(Berwyn, IL) Subject was located in Berwyn, IL.  Berwyn PD contacted. Subject located and hospitalized.
04-0491 05/15/04 2117 Suspicious Vehicle - Triton officer noticed suspicious vehicle on campus. I-Lot Officer advised subject that campus was closed and driver left campus.
04-0492 05/15/04 2131 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in area. Business Building Officer found subject studying inside building . Left campus upon request.
04-0493 05/16/04 0644 Burglar Alarm -Alarm sounded in area. Pool Upon officer's arrival, no one found in area.  Cause for alarm unknown.
04-0494 05/16/04 1501 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in area. College Center Upon officer's arrival, no one found in area.  Cause for alarm unknown.
04-0495 05/17/04 0958 Found Property - Several items turned in. Robert Collins(fitness center) One item released to owner.  Owner UNK on other items.
04-0496 05/17/04 1020 Disturbance - Anonymous female caller reported that numerous subjects were blocking the area and being loud. College Center(East main entrance) Upon officer's arrival, subjects were asked to move to a different location and complied.
04-0497 05/17/04 1240 Disturbance - Triton staff reported a loud group playing cards. College Center(Cafeteria) Subjects were advised not to play cards within the area before 2pm.
04-0498 05/17/04 1256 Accident - Hit & Run - Student reported that her vehicle was hit while parked in front of ICC Bldg. I-Lot Offender unknown. Report on file.
04-0499 05/17/04 1452 Traffic Accident/Private Property -  
Driver stated he had blanked out and didn't know he had struck the football stadium support beam.
Forest Preserve Dr./Bleachers Report on file. Referred to Human Resources; Driver is employee.
04-0500 05/17/04 2102 Citizen Assist - Unknown person notified TCPD of a citizen assist. Emergency Tower(C-Lot) Upon officer's arrival, no one was found.
04-0501 05/18/04 0753 Theft Over $300 - Staff reported furniture missing from classroom F-116 Report on file. Search of campus was negative.
04-0502 05/18/04 1125 Found Property - Men's Class Ring was turned in. Science Owner unknown.
04-0503 05/18/04 1350 Found Property - Cell phone was turned in. LRC Owner unknown.
04-0504 05/18/04 1601 Telephone Threat - A staff member received a phone threat from a student's spouse. C-100 F Report on file and victim was asked to notify TCPD if future calls are made.
05-0505 05/19/04 0931 Assist Ambulance - Student fainted while running on the track. Outside Track East Campus Subject taken to Gottlieb ER.
04-0506 05/19/04 2027 Assist other P.D. - TCPD assisted RGPD on a burglar alarm. 1900 N. 5th Ave. RGPD was assisted.
04-0507 05/19/04 2030 Assist Citizen - Unknown Caller requested help then quickly hung up the phone. Robert Collins - 1st flr Upon arrival, numerous subjects were in area and all found to be normal.
04-0508 05/19/04 2349 911 System Activation - 911 activated. D-105 Subject stated it was a misdial.
04-0509 05/20/04 0954 Suspicious Person - Staff reported 2 males came in inquiring about a Triton employee. B-109 Police advised of incident
04-0510 05/21/04 0909 Disturbance - Staff reported 2 employees were having a verbal dispute. Cafeteria Upon arrival, subjects were spoken to and one of them left the area.
04-0511 05/23/04 1527 Assist Other PD - TCPD assisted with locating possible man with a gun. Chestnut Ave. & River Road (River Grove) Both units searched surrounding areas and entire campus and came up with negative results.
04-0512 05/24/04 0847 Found Property - Keys were turned in. Liberal Arts 102 Keys turned over to Maintenance
04-0513 05/24/04 1244 Theft Under $300 - A staff reported that a ladder was missing. Robert Collins Officers searched the building with negative results. Report on file
04-0514 05/24/04 1642 911 System Activation - 911 activated. Advanced Technology 125 Subject stated that she had dialed in error.
04-0515 05/25/04 2042 Mischievous Conduct - Officer reported seeing 3 youths riding their bikes while the train was passing. 5th Ave. West Campus/Train Tracks Subjects were gone on arrival.
04-0516 05/26/04 2102 Assist Other P.D. - TCPD assisted RGPD with a shots fired call. 5th & Cutoff Upon arrival, no one was found.
04-0517 05/26/04 2113 Criminal Damage to State Supp. Property - Staff reported unknown individual(s) entered fenced in area where the transmitter shed is located and attempted to force open the door. Radio Transmitter Shed Upon officer's arrival, it appeared that the shed had not been entered and no one was found.
04-0518 05/27/04 1353 Theft Under $300 - A staff reported a monitor/vcr unit missing from the storage room. Technology 103 Report on file.
04-0519 05/27/04 1455 Traffic Accident - Hit & Run - A staff reported his vehicle was struck. A-Lot Offender unknown.
04-0520 05/27/04 1850 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in area. Advanced Technology 114 Upon officer's arrival no one was found.  Cause for alarm unknown.
04-0521 05/28/04 2223 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in area. Pool Upon officer's arrival, no one was found.  Cause for alarm unknown.
04-0522 05/30/04 1030 Power Failure - Triton Police reported that the power went out campus wide. Campus Wide Power outage was due to a lightening strike to the "theater line"  ComEd was notified.
04-0523 05/30/04 1114 Assist Other P.D. - Triton Police assisted RGPD by the tracks. 5th Ave. and Tracks RGPD was assisted.
04-0524 05/30/04 1751 Foul Odor - Foul odor appears to be from a skunk hiding behind a radiator. Science Building The area was aired out and the skunk was freed.
04-0525 05/31/04 1631 Assist Other P.D. - TCPD assisted RGPD with traffic control due to the high-rise of water on pavement. 5th Ave. & Cutoff Officers assisted, area barricaded and Public Works put up signs to warn motorists.
04-0526 05/31/04 2148 Burglar Alarm - Alarm sounded in area. Robert Collins Employee found in the area.  She was reminded of procedures.