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    B105.E3 S65 1993
    Solomon, Robert C. The passions : emotions and the meaning of life.
    Indianapolis : Hackett Pub. Co., c1993.

    B133.G4 G78 2001
    Gruzalski, Bart. On Gandhi. Australia ; Belmont, Calif. : Wadsworth/
    Thomson Learning, c2001.

    B188 .C6 1991
    Cornford, Francis Macdonald. From religion to philosophy : a study in the
    origins of western speculation. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University
    Press, c1991.

    B358 .J82 1992
    Plato. The trial and death of Socrates : four dialogues. New York : Dover
    Publications, 1992.

    B561.M52 E5 2003
    Epictetus. Virtue and happiness : the manual of Epictetus. 1st Shambhala
    ed. Boston, Mass. : Shambhala Publications, 2003.

    B804 .S576 1989
    Smith, Huston. Beyond the post-modern mind. 2nd Quest ed., updated and rev.
    Wheaton, Ill., : Theosophical Pub. House, c1989.

    B831.2 .T77 1995
    The truth about the truth : de-confusing and re-constructing the postmodern
    world. New York : Putnam, c1995.

    B841.4 .C39 1990
    Caws, Peter. Structuralism : the art of the intelligible. Atlantic
    Highlands, NJ ; London : Humanities Press International, 1990.

    B945.D41 R17 1939
    Dewey, John. Intelligence in the modern world : John Dewey's philosophy.
    1st Modern Library giant ed. New York : Modern Library, 1939.

    B1499.R45 H85 1992
    Hume, David. Writings on religion. La Salle, Ill. : Open Court, 1992.

    B2430.S33 V4713 1995
    Sartre, Jean-Paul. Truth and existence. Pbk. ed., 1995. Chicago :
    University of Chicago Press, 1995, c1992.

    B2430.S34 D36 1998
    The debate between Sartre and Merleau-Ponty. Evanston, Ill. : Northwestern
    University Press, 1998.

    B3144.U332 E5 1995
    Schopenhauer, Arthur. On the basis of morality. Rev. ed. Providence :
    Berghahn Books, 1995.

    B3279.H49 S693 1991
    Steiner, George. Martin Heidegger. Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago
    Press, 1991.

    B4691.K586 O341 1989
    Kolakowski, Leszek. The presence of myth. Chicago : University of Chicago
    Press, 1989.

    B5131 .M64 2002
    Mohanty, J. N. Essays on Indian philosophy. New Delhi ; Oxford : Oxford
    University Press, 2002.

    BD21 .K57 1992
    Kleiman, Lowell. Philosophy : an introduction through literature. 1st pbk.
    ed. New York, N.Y. : Paragon House, 1992, c1990.

    BD21 .M645 1992
    Morris, Thomas V. Making sense of it all : Pascal and the meaning of life.
    Grand Rapids, Mich. : W.B. Eerdmans, c1992.

    BF76.7 .C66 2010
    Concise rules of APA style. 6th ed. Washington, DC : American
    Psychological Association, c2010.

    BF76.8 .G45 2010
    Mastering APA style : instructor's resource guide. 6th ed. Washington,
    DC : American Psychological Association, c2010.

    BF76.8 .G452 2010
    Mastering APA style : student's workbook and training guide. 6th ed.
    Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, c2010.

    BF173.F85 G38 1987
    Gay, Peter. A Godless Jew : Freud, atheism, and the making of
    psychoanalysis. New Haven : Yale University Press ; Cincinnati : Hebrew
    Union College Press, c1987.

    BF408 .R628 2010
    Robinson, Andrew. Sudden genius? : the gradual path to creative
    breakthroughs. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.

    BF408.S263 1991
    Sartre, Jean Paul. The psychology of imagination. New York : Citadel Press,

    BF575.F2 K87 2009
    Kushner, Harold S. Conquering fear : living boldly in an uncertain world.
    1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2009.

    BF1045.N4 M65 2010
    Moody, Raymond A. Glimpses of eternity : sharing a loved one's passage from
    this life to the next. New York, N.Y. : Guideposts, c2010.

    BJ1012 .C316 1993
    Caputo, John D. Against ethics : contributions to a poetics of obligation
    with constant reference to deconstruction. Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana
    University Press, c1993.

    BJ1188 .L55 2001
    The life of virtue : what do we owe ourselves? Belmont, CA : Wadworth/
    Thomson Learning, c2001.

    BJ1401 .K87 1997
    Kushner, Harold S. Debemos ser perfectos? : hacia la aceptacion de nuestros
    limites. 1a ed. Buenos Aires : Emece, c1997.

    BJ1475 .N62 1986
    Noddings, Nel. Caring: a feminine approach to ethics & moral education.
    Berkeley : University of California Press, 1986, c1984.

    BJ1533.F8 O89 1991
    Other selves : philosophers on friendship. Indianapolis : Hackett Pub. Co.,

    BL41 .M63 1987
    Morris, Brian. Anthropological studies of religion : an introductory text.
    Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1987.

    BL48 .P215 1992
    Paden, William E. Interpreting the sacred : ways of viewing religion.
    Boston : Beacon Press, c1992.

    BL48 .P22 1994
    Paden, William E. Religious worlds : the comparative study of religion ;
    with a new preface. 2nd ed. Boston : Beacon Press, c1994.

    BL48 .Y59 1992
    Young, Dudley. Origins of the sacred : the ecstasies of love and war. 1st
    HarperPerennial ed. New York : Harper Perennial, 1992.

    BL87 .E413 1979
    Eliade, Mircea. The two and the one. Phoenix ed. Chicago : University of
    Chicago Press, 1979, c1965.

    BL205 .E84 1991
    Eternal quest : the Paragon treasury of inspirational quotations and
    spiritual wisdom. 1st Paragon House ed. New York : Paragon House, 1991-

    BL304 .S19 1984
    Sacred narrative, readings in the theory of myth. Berkeley : University of
    California Press, c1984.

    BL311 .L328 1992
    Leeming, David Adams. The world of myth. New York : Oxford University
    Press, 1992, c1990.

    BL315 .C269 1997
    Campbell, Joseph. The mythic dimension : selected essays 1959-1987. 1st ed.
    San Francisco, CA : HarperSanFrancisco, 1997.

    BL480 .F67 1989
    Forsyth, Neil. The old enemy : Satan and the combat myth. Princeton, N.J.:
    Princeton University Press, 1989, c1987.

    BL624 .T635 2005
    Tolle, Eckhart. A new earth : awakening to your life's purpose. New York,
    N.Y. : Dutton/Penguin Group, c2005.

    BL793.M8 N53 1972
    Nilsson, Martin P. The Mycenaean origin of Greek mythology. Berkeley :
    University of California Press, 1972, c1932.

    BL2747 .M28 1991
    Martin, Michael. The case against Christianity. Philadelphia : Temple
    University Press, 1991.

    BM50 .B55 1993
    Birnbaum, Philip. Encyclopedia of Jewish concepts. New York : Hebrew Pub.
    Co., 1993, c1979.

    BM565 .K78 1996
    Kushner, Harold S. Por la vida! : celebracion del ser Judio. Buenos
    Aires : Emece Editores, 1996.

    BM615 .S33 1995
    Scholem, Gershom Gerhard. The messianic idea in Judaism and other essays on
    Jewish spirituality. New York : Schocken Books, 1995.

    BM729.C6 L47 1999
    Levy, Naomi. To begin again : the journey toward comfort, strength, and
    faith in difficult times. 1st Ballantine ed. New York : Ballantine Books,
    1999, c1998.

    BP134.W6 W28 1992
    Wadud, Amina. Quran and woman. Kuala Lumpur : Fajar Bakti, 1992.

    BP362 .H313 1978
    Bahaullah. The seven valleys and The four valleys. 3d rev. ed. Wilmette,
    Ill. : Bahai Pub. Trust, c1978.

    BQ915 .S28 1998
    The sayings of the Buddha. 1st ed. Hopwell, N.J. : Ecco Press, 1998.

    BQ4015 .D8413 1994
    Dumoulin, Heinrich. Understanding Buddhism : key themes. 1st ed. New
    York : Weatherill, 1994.

    BQ4132 .R3313 1974
    Rahula, Walpola. What the Buddha taught. Rev. ed., 2nd and enl. ed. New
    York : Grove Weidenfeld, 1974.

    BS580.M6 B8 1958
    Buber, Martin. Moses : the revelation and the covenant. New York : Harper,

    BT380 .F6 1989
    Fox, Emmet. The Sermon on the mount : the key to success in life ; and, The
    Lord's prayer, an interpretation. 1st Perennial Library ed. San
    Francisco : Harper & Row, 1989, c1938.

    BT1315.2 .P53 1998
    Picknett, Lynn. The Templar revelation : secret guardians of the true
    identity of Christ. 1st Touchstone ed. New York, N.Y. : Simon & Schuster,

    CC175 .A85 1987
    The Atlas of mysterious places : the world's unexplained sacred sites,
    symbolic landscapes, ancient cities, and lost lands. 1st American ed.
    New York : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1987.

    CT556 .K73 1999
    Krauze, Enrique. Mexicanos eminentes. Mexico, D.F. : Tusquets Editores,


    D246 .P44 1974
    The Pen and the sword. Rev. and expanded ed. New York : Newsweek Books,

    D804.3 .B377 1991
    Bauman, Zygmunt. Modernity and the Holocaust. Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell
    University Press, c1991.

    D804.3 .B779 1993
    Browning, Christopher R. Ordinary men : Reserve Police Battalion 101 and
    the final solution in Poland. New York : HarperPerennial, c1993.

    DC203.8 .G484 1963
    Geyl, Pieter. Napoleon, for and against. New Haven : Yale University Press,
    1949 (1963 printing).

    DF214 .R49 2010
    Rhodes, P. J. A history of the classical Greek world, 478-323 BC. 2nd ed.
    Chichester, West Sussex, U.K. ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

    DG247 .L533 1972
    Livy. The war with Hannibal : books XXI-XXX of The history of Rome from its
    foundation. [Harmondsworth] ; New York : Penguin Books, [1972]

    DG575.M8 F42 1966
    Fermi, Laura. Mussolini. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1966,

    DK37.8.R6 E46 1996
    The emperors and empresses of Russia : rediscovering the Romanovs. Armonk,
    N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, c1996.

    DK240 .L56 1994
    Lincoln, W. Bruce. In war's dark shadow : the Russians before the Great War.
    New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1994, c1983.

    DK260 .B43 1978
    Before the revolution : a view of Russia under the last Tsar. Woodstock,
    N.Y. : Overlook Press, c1978.

    DK511.C3 B55 1984
    Blanch, Lesley. The sabres of paradise. 1st Carroll & Graf ed. New York :
    Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1984, c1960.

    DP84 .R64 1989
    Roldan Hervas, Jose Manuel. Historia de Espana. 3d ed. Madrid : EDI-6,

    DS79.764.A93 K46 2010
    Kennedy, Kelly. They fought for each other : the triumph and tragedy of the
    hardest hit unit in Iraq. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin's Press, 2010.

    DS135.G3315 F75
    Friedlander, Saul. Nazi Germany and the Jews. 1st HarperPerennial ed. New
    York, NY : HarperPerennial, c1998-

    DS145 .N53 1993
    Nicholls, William. Christian antisemitism : a history of hate. Northvale,
    N.J. : J. Aronson, c1993.

    DS357.5 .B37 2010
    Barfield, Thomas J. Afghanistan : a cultural and political history.
    Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010.

    DS481.G3 S574 1999
    Sofri, Gianni. Gandhi and India. 1st. ed. New York : Interlink Publ.,

    DS721 .E32613 1986
    Eberhard, Wolfram. A dictionary of Chinese symbols : hidden symbols in
    Chinese life and thought. London ; New York : Routledge & Kegan Paul,

    E123 .T63 1985
    Todorov, Tzvetan. The conquest of America : the question of the other. 1st
    Harper Colophon ed. New York : Harper & Row, 1985, c1984.

    E178.6 .G68 1967
    Grob, Gerald N., ed. Interpretations of American history: patterns and
    perspectives. New York, Free Press [1967]

    E183 .K48 2007
    Keller, Morton. America's three regimes : a new political history.
    Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.

    E901.1.O24 M86 2008
    Mundy, Liza. Michelle : a biography. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed.
    New York : Simon & Schuster, 2008.

    E908 .A27 2009
    Abramson, Jill. Obama : the historic journey. 1st ed. New York : New York
    Times ; Callaway : Distributed by Riverhead Books, 2009.

    F213 .O53 1953
    Olmsted, Frederick Law. The cotton kingdom : a traveller's observations on
    cotton and slavery in the American slave states. N.Y. : Knopf, 1953.

    F389 .B25 1965
    Barker, Eugene C. Mexico and Texas, 1821-1835; University of Texas research
    lectures on the causes of the Texas revolution. New York : Russell &
    Russell, 1965.

    F1230 .L76 1984
    Liss, Peggy K. Mexico under Spain, 1521-1556 : society and the origins of
    nationality. Paperback ed. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1984,

    F1230 .W46 1989
    White, Jon Ewbank Manchip. Cortes and the downfall of the Aztec Empire.
    New York : Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1989, c1971.

    F1231.5 .M667 1991
    Mexico since independence. Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge
    University Press, 1991.

    F1233.5 .C5518 1971
    Cockcroft, James D. Precursores intelectuales de la Revolucion mexicana :
    1900-1913. Mexico : Siglo Veintiuno Editores, 1971.

    F1234 .A85 1970
    Atkin, Ronald. Revolution! : Mexico 1910-20. [1st American ed.]. New
    York : J. Day Co., 1970, c1969.

    F1234 .L69 1968
    Lieuwen, Edwin. Mexican militarism : the political rise and fall of the
    revolutionary army, 1910-1940. [Albuquerque] : University of New Mexico
    Press, 1968.

    F1234 .T1686 1987
    Taracena, Alfonso. Historia extraoficial de la Revolucion Mexicana : (desde
    las postrimerias del porfirismo hasta los sexenios de Echeverria y Lopez
    Portillo). 3. ed. Mexico : Editorial Jus, 1987.

    F1391.Z2 B375 1998
    La Batalla de Zacatecas. Zacatecas, Zac. [Mexico] : Piedra Angular de
    Zacatecas, 1998.


    Social Sciences
    HA31 .N53 2010
    Nicol, Adelheid A. M. Presenting your findings : a practical guide for
    creating tables. 6th ed. Washington, DC : American Psychological
    Association, c2010.

    HG4751 .K673 2009
    Kosman, Josh. The buyout of America : how private equity will cause the
    next great credit crisis. New York : Portfolio, 2009.

    HM258 .D46 1993
    Diaz-Guerrero, Rogelio. El mundo subjetivo de mexicanos y norteamericanos.
    1. ed. Mexico : Editorial Trillas, 1993.

    HQ18.3 .M35 2009
    Maier, Thomas. Masters of sex : the life and times of William Masters and
    Virginia Johnson, the couple who taught America how to love. New York :
    Basic Books, c2009.

    HV699 .F66 2002
    Forward, Susan. Toxic parents : overcoming their hurtful legacy and
    reclaiming your life. New York : Bantam Books, 2002, c1989.

    HV745.O6 B48 2010
    The Better Beginnings, Better Futures Project : findings from grade 3 to
    grade 9. Boston, Mass. : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

    HV6432 .F75 2003
    Friedman, Thomas L. Longitudes and attitudes : the world in the age of
    terrorism. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor Books, c2003.

    HV8694 .N37 2001
    Nathanson, Stephen. An eye for an eye : the immorality of punishing by
    death. 2nd ed. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, c2001.

    HV8699.U5 C415 2010
    Christianson, Scott. The last gasp : the rise and fall of the American gas
    chamber. Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, c2010.

    HX39.5 .A224 1992
    Marx, Karl. Early writings. Harmondsworth ; New York : Penguin in
    association with New Left Review, 1992.

    HX83 .K557 1995
    Klehr, Harvey. The secret world of American communism. New Haven : Yale
    University Press, c1995.


    Political Science
    JA66 .H35 1996
    Heineman, Robert A. Political science : an introduction. New York : McGraw-
    Hill, c1996.

    JA66 .P647 1999
    Political thought. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.

    JA83 .B248 2009
    Baradat, Leon P. Political ideologies : their origins and impact. 10th ed.
    Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, c2009.

    JA88.U6 R68 2004
    Rowh, Mark. Great jobs for political science majors. 2nd ed. Chicago :
    VGM Career Books, c2004.

    JF51 .H28 2010
    Hague, Rod. Political science : a comparative introduction. 6th ed. New
    York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

    JV6483 .A4354 2008
    Alden, Edward H. The closing of the American border : terrorism,
    immigration, and security since 9/11. 1st ed. New York, NY : Harper,

    KF5074.2 .B87 2001
    Bush v. Gore : the court cases and the commentary. Washington, D.C. :
    Brookings Institution Press, c2001.

    LA430.T55 P613 1975
    Poniatowska, Elena. Massacre in Mexico. New York : Viking Press, 1975.

    LB1139.5.L35 G48 2010
    Gentry, J. Richard. Raising confident readers : how to teach your child to
    read and write, from baby to age seven. 1st Da Capo Press ed. Cambridge,
    MA : Da Capo LifeLong, 2010.

    LC2330 .M68 2009
    Mortenson, Greg. Stones into schools : promoting peace with books, not
    bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan. New York : Viking, 2009.

    Fine Arts
    N6350 .B27 2008
    Barrett, Terry. Why is that art? : aesthetics and criticism of contemporary
    art. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

    N6603 .C6523 2009
    Cuba : art and history from 1868 to today. New ed. [Montreal : Montreal
    Museum of Fine Arts ; New York, NY : Prestel Verlag, 2009]

    NC1429.W597 A4 2007
    Bray, Glenn. The original art of Basil Wolverton : from the collection of
    Glenn Bray. San Francisco, Calif. : Last Gasp ; Santa Ana : Grand Central
    Press, 2007.


    Language and Literature
    P53.45 .F67 1998
    Foreign language standards : linking research, theories, and practices.
    Lincolnwood, Ill. : National Textbook Co. in conjunction with the American
    Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, c1999.

    PE1408 .R724 2006
    Rossiter, Jill. The college guide to essay writing. [Tampa Bay, Fla.?] :
    DW Publishing, c2006.

    PG2951 .E47 2008
    Emerson, Caryl. The Cambridge introduction to Russian literature.
    Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.

    PG3366 .A17 1987
    Tolstoy, Leo, graf. A confession and other religious writings.
    Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England : Penguin ; New York, N.Y. : Viking
    Penguin, 1987.

    PN1992.4.W56 K45 2010
    Kelley, Kitty. Oprah : a biography. 1st ed. New York : Crown Publishers,

    PN4874.N64 A3 2010
    Norris, Michele. The grace of silence. 1st ed. New York : Pantheon Books,

    PN6014 .L62 2010
    Literature : the human experience. 10th ed. Boston, Mass. : Bedford/St.
    Martins, 2010.

    PQ2709.Z64 M913 2008
    Izner, Claude. Murder on the Eiffel Tower. 1st St. Martin's Minotaur ed.
    New York : St. Martin's Minotaur, 2008.

    PR6015.U9 B67 2004
    Aldous Huxley's Brave new world. Philadelphia : Chelsea House Publishers,

    PR6053.H4535 S76 2008
    Beaton, M. C. A spoonful of poison : an Agatha Raisin mystery. 1st ed.
    New York : St. Martin's Minotaur, 2008.

    PR6057.A728 F33 2009
    Gash, Jonathan. Faces in the pool : a Lovejoy mystery. 1st U.S. ed. New
    York : Minotaur Books, 2009, c2008.

    PR9619.4.L335 A69 2009
    Ladd, Kylie. After the fall : a novel. 1st American ed. New York :
    Doubleday, c2009.

    PS306 .T33 2007
    Teaching nineteenth-century American poetry. New York : Modern Language
    Association of America, 2007.

    PS2642.P63 P64 2011
    The poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, c2011.

    PS3515.U274 Z667 2010
    Kelley, James B. Bloom's how to write about Langston Hughes. New York :
    Bloom's Literary Criticism, c2010.

    PS3552.A45 C76 2010
    Baldwin, James. The cross of redemption : uncollected writings. 1st ed.
    New York : Pantheon Books, 2010.

    PS3552.R2147 B74 2009
    Bradford, Barbara Taylor. Breaking the rules. 1st ed. New York : St.
    Martin's Press, 2009.

    [LARGEP]PS3553.L287 D37 2008
    Clark, Mary Higgins. Dashing through the snow. Detroit, MI : Gale, Cengage
    Learning, c2008.

    PS3561.E3865 T78 2009
    Kellerman, Jonathan. True detectives : a novel. 1st ed. New York :
    Ballantine Books, c2009.

    PS3569.P363 L37 2009
    Sparks, Nicholas. The last song. 1st ed. New York : Grand Central Pub.,

    PS3602.U85 T87 2009
    Butcher, Jim. Turn coat : a novel of the Dresden files. New York, N.Y. :
    ROC, 2009.

    PS3606.R375 P35 2010
    Franco, James. Palo Alto : stories. 1st Scribner hardcover ed. New York :
    Scribner, c2010.


    QA11.2 .D34 2008
    Dahlke, Richard. How to succeed in college mathematics : a guide for the
    college mathematics student. Plymouth, MI : BergWay Pub., c2008.

    QA76.7 .T38 2010
    Tate, Bruce. Seven languages in seven weeks : a pragmatic guide to learning
    programming languages. Lewisville, Tex. : Pragmatic Bookshelf ; Farnham :
    O'Reilly [distributor], 2010.

    QA76.8.B53 B35 2010
    Ballew, Joli. How to do everything. Blackberry Storm2. New York : McGraw-
    Hill, c2010.

    QA99 .S835 2010
    Stein, James D. How math can save your life. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley,

    QA155 .Z44 2010
    Zegarelli, Mark. Pre-algebra essentials for dummies. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley,

    QA159 .M34 2010
    McKellar, Danica. Hot X : algebra exposed. New York : Hudson Street Press,

    QD33.2 .K46 2011
    Kenkel, John. Basic chemistry concepts and exercises. Boca Raton : CRC
    Press, c2011.

    R728.8 .M323
    Medical assistant exam review. New York, NY : Kaplan Pub., c2007-

    RA1213 .S65 2009b
    Smith, Rick. Slow death by rubber duck : the secret danger of everyday
    things. Berkeley, CA : Counterpoint : Distributed by Publishers Group
    West, c2009.

    RC78.A3 S74 2004
    Stedman's radiology words : includes nuclear medicine & other imaging. 4th
    ed. Baltimore, Md : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2004.

    RJ61 .J65 2010
    Johnson, Christopher M. How your child heals : an inside look at common
    childhood ailments. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2010.

    RM222.2 .F532 2008
    Flat belly diet! cookbook : 200 new MUFA recipes. New York : Rodale :
    Distributed to the trade by Macmillan, c2008.

    RT51 .A6255
    Applying nursing process. Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott, c1994-


    TJ163.25.U6 B79 2008b
    Bryce, Robert. Gusher of lies : the dangerous delusions of "energy
    independence". New York : PublicAffairs, c2008.

    TP418 .S44 2010
    Segnit, Niki. The flavor thesaurus : a compendium of pairings, recipes, and
    ideas for the creative cook. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Bloomsbury, 2010.

    TX373 .P74 2001
    Principles of meat science. 4th ed. Dubuque, Iowa : Kendall/Hunt, c2001.

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    Shulman, Martha Rose. Culinary boot camp : five days of basic training at
    the Culinary Institute of America. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, c2006.

    TX715 .B3715 2010
    Beard, James. James Beard's American cookery. Republished hardcover ed.
    New York : Little, Brown and Co., 2010.

    TX827 .H57 2006
    Hoffman, Mable. The crockery cook. Philadelphia : Running Press, c2006.

    TX833.5 .R3893 2009
    Ray, Rachael. Rachael Ray's book of 10 more than 300 recipes to cook every
    day. 1st ed. New York : Clarkson Potter, 2009.

    TX840.B5 M325 2006
    Madani, Catherine. Blender : 50 recipes. Issy-les-Moulineaux, France : Lec-
    Les Editions Culinaires ; New York, distributed by Stewart, Tabori & Chang,

    TX840.B5 P488 2005
    Peterson, Chris. A man's whirled : every guy's guide to cooking with a
    blender. 1st Simon & Schuster pbk. ed. New York : Simon & Schuster
    Paperbacks, 2005.

    TX911.3.F75 T49 2009
    Tewari, Jatashankar R. Hotel front office : operations and management. New
    Dehli ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

    TX911.3.M27 A34 2007
    Angelo, Rocco M. Hospitality today : an introduction. 6th ed. Lansing,
    Mich. : Educational Institute, American Hotel & Lodging Association, c2007.

    Information Resources
    Z665.2.U6 E243 2000
    Eberhart, George M. The whole library handbook 3 : current data,
    professional advice, and curiosa about libraries and library services.
    Chicago : American Library Association, 2000.


    Special Collections: Adult Basic Education
    [ABE]HF5383 .M2635 1977
    McVey & Associates. Finding work. Chicago : Follett, 1977.

    [ABE]HF5384 .K44 1982
    Herzog, Betty. Keeping a job. Chicago : Follett Pub. Co., 1982.

    [ABE]JK274 .B622 1989
    Bledsoe, Lucy Jane. Reading government. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Quercus,

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    Pitman Publishers, c1973.

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    McVey & Associates. Getting medical assistance. Chicago : Follett, 1977.

    [ABE]PE1128 .B543 1988
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