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    Diversity Affairs Committee


    Purpose and Function of the Diversity Affairs Functional Committee
    The Diversity Affairs Functional Committee provides the President and the College Council with information on recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the uniqueness of individuals. The Committee reviews and recommends policies, practices and procedures designed to assist the College in providing a comfortable environment that fosters individual growth and enrichment, and thus helps students succeed in their pursuit of educational and professional goals.

    Triton College Statement on Diversity
    At Triton College we believe that the future of our nation depends on our ability to prepare leaders that can contribute effectively to a global community. The knowledge and competencies required in the 21st century are best developed in diverse academic contexts. We believe that there are great educational benefits that flow from participating in learning experiences that expand our knowledge of others and ourselves.

    Diversity takes many shapes, including but not limited to differences based on race, ethnicity, language, gender, age, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation, learning styles and competencies, and disability status. As a college community we are committed to recognizing, understanding and appreciating differences, to institutionally and individually adapting to differences, and to committing our best efforts and resources to the success of all of our students by embracing diversity.

    Triton's Diversity A3 Concept
       APPRECIATION: Know your community and students and value their contribution to the College.
       ADAPTATION: Serve and relate to others with their needs, interests, and wellbeing in mind.
       ACHIEVEMENT: Do your best to contribute to the fulfillment of aspirations and success of all in our College community.

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