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John Lambrecht
Director of Facilities
(708) 456-0300, Ext. 3048

The primary purpose of the Physical Plant Department is to provide a safe, clean, accessible, colorful and operational campus with an environment that enhances the learning, working and socializing aspects of student life and enhances our image in the community. To accomplish this, the department must work together in a courteous, efficient and fiscally responsible manner, keeping the needs of the student at the top of our list of priorities. We must also keep the lines of communication open among all Triton employees in order to keep people involved in the decision-making. Working together with other departments within the Triton family is crucial to improving programs and services where needed. Enhancements in our infrastructure are ongoing, which provides Triton with an environment that will handle all our new technology as it becomes available.

MAJOR GOALS 2016-2017
Support new and innovative initiatives that enhance the physical campus, support student success, and are an integral part of the Facility and Strategic Plan.

Continue to preserve and enhance the indoor and outdoor environments in support of the institutions mission with projects that will help attract people to our campus.

Continue to improve services, customer satisfaction and overall value providing courteous efficient service to students, faculty, staff, guests, and community members.

In conjunction with the professional development center, continue to provide staff development and training programs to all Facilities staff.

Continue to work with other departments to implement principles of leadership and management by providing work-study and job shadowing opportunities for students and staff.

Improvement of our basic infrastructure through projects, such as, electrical and plumbing renovations, sidewalk / asphalt replacements, system upgrades, classroom renovations, in addition to the Bond Revenue Campus Renewal Projects etc.

Continue to make Triton College as energy efficient as possible, with projects, such as energy efficient motor replacements, solar thermal systems, and efficient, effective use of building automation systems and cogeneration plant operation.

Update Institutional Facilities plan on an annual basis to ensure alignment with the Strategic Plan and the institutions commitment to student success and green initiatives.

Collaborate with academic and administrative areas to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of facilities projects related to Strategic Plan initiatives with the ultimate goal of improving student success.

Continue to support the mission of the institution by providing and maintaining a safe and sustainable learning environment.