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Name Department Extension
Austin Sommer Science Department
Arroyo Daisy Science Department
Alexandru Vica Science Department
Abtahi Ali Science Department 0
Ahmed Syed Science Department 0
Armas Maxi English Department 3502
Al-Ali Ratib Academic Support Program 0
Adeofe Leke Behavioral Science Department 3309
Andress Cathy Science Department 6502
Aaronson Kim Science Department 0
Athar Aqueel Science Department 6418
Aller Keith Criminal Justice Department 0
Arnquist Carol Science Department 6387
Anderson David Business Management 3968
Anderson Kristine Allied Health Continuation 3301
Amore Joan Academic Support Program 0
Antony Ansamma Academic Support Program 0
Abenante Sophia Academic Support Program 0
Atiba Afri Science Department 0
Alvino Frank Business Management 0
Aravena Susana Science Department 0
Andrei Daniela Science Department 0
Augustine John Criminal Justice Department 3323
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Alhejoj Kawkab Science Department 0
Ansel Omana Science Department 6988
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Name Department Extension
Aller Kelly Adult Education 3407
Akinrotimi Oludemilade Learning Resource Center
Axen Rebecca Counseling Department 0
Alarcon Valerie School of Continuing Education 0
Airhart Catherine School of Continuing Education 3495
Arellano Francisco Operations/Maintenance 3210
Abate Nannette Health, Sport, and Exercise Science Department 3793
Abbruscato Dora Student Services 3230
Anzona Christopher Science Department 0
Avelar Hector Operations/Maintenance 3210
Arshad Tayyab School of Continuing Education 3609
Avila Beatriz Operations/Maintenance 3210
Ascencio Ricardo Student Services 0
Amaya Fernando School of Continuing Education 0
Affleck Roger Academic Support Program 3693
Alcock Emilie Library 0
Artola Sonia Admission Department 3728
Baffa Erica Admission Department
Barber Phyllis Academic Support Program
Burke Kyle Operations/Maintenance 0
Brown Richard Admission Department 3450
Barrera Dawn School of Continuing Education 3285
Butler Michael Information Systems 3883
Bagby Timothy Professional Development Center 3231
Blameuser Shannon Admission Department 3726
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Name Department Extension
Abezetian Garrick Business Office 3574
Bohleke Henry School of Technical Careers 3395
Baness-King Deborah Learning Resource Center 3414
Bowser-Antonich Cheryl Academic Affairs and Student Services 3630
Cabasa-Hess Virginia Assessment Services 3823
Espino Humberto Academic Affairs and Student Services 3249
Rubalcaba Jessica Academic Affairs and Student Services 3062
Guzman Gabriel Science Department 3260
Garrity Michael Information Systems 3684
Hernandez Luisa Nuevos Horizontes
Hughes Sandra Health Careers/Public Service Programs 3617
Jensen Paul School of Continuing Education 3714
Kennedy Kevin Business Office 3692
Klinger Joseph Human Resources 3857
Lambrecht John Operations/Maintenance 3048
Mazzuca Colleen School of Continuing Education 3708
Moore Mary-Rita Academic Affairs and Student Services 3674
Martin Quincy Academic Affairs and Student Services 3434
Newton Benjamin Horticulture 3013
Olson Douglas Academic Affairs and Student Services 3571
Perry Pamela Academic Affairs and Student Services 3415
Rapala Elise Information Systems 3796
Roberts Megan All 3466
Reynolds James Business Office 3542
Segovia Ricardo Science Department 3508
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